Date of Bulletin or Memo (linked)Bulletin/Memo NumberSubjectEffective DateReferenced Documents
February 4, 2021Office of Environmental Management 21-01Alternative Corridor Evaluation (ACE) review and the ETDM Approval process occurring with the ESTFebruary 4, 2021ETDM Manual
December 23, 2020Office of Environmental Management 20-02Type 1 Categorical Exclusion and Non-Major State Action forms in the StateWide Environmental Project Tracker (SWEPT)December 23, 2020PD&E Manual
October 22, 2020Office of Environmental Management 20-01State Environmental Impact Report and State Environmental Impact Report Re-evaluation Forms in the StateWide Environmental Project Tracker (SWEPT)October 22, 2020PD&E Manual
January 18, 2018Engineering & Operations 18-01Contamination Assessment in Design ContractsImmediatelyPD&E Manual
November 1, 2017Office of Environmental Management Bulletin 17-03 / Roadway Design Bulletin 17-16 /
Traffic Engineering and Operations Bulletin 17-04
Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) Procedure (Topic No. 750-010-003) Training and Implementation PlanImmediatelyPPM
September 19, 2017Office of Environmental Management Memorandum 17-02 / Roadway Design Memorandum 17-04Typical Section Package and Roadway Key Sheet UpdatesImmediatelyFDOT Design Manual, PPM
May 15, 2017OEM Bulletin 17-01/ Roadway Design Bulletin 17-05PPM Updates for Implementation of NEPA AssignmentImmediatelyPPM


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