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Miami-Dade County Preliminary Truck Parking Assessment – With trucks moving approximately 75% of its annual freight tonnage, Miami-Dade County is highly dependent on the trucking industry for its transportation needs. Fueled by economic growth, safety concerns, and the real estate market, the County faces a severe shortage of truck parking spaces. Understanding the issue, the County has identified 5 parcels for potential truck parking development. This memorandum aims to preliminarily assess the viability of truck parking development at these 5 locations. 

Documents & Publications

Title Type Size
2023 Homestead Freight Improvement Plan pdf 40085 KB Download2023 Homestead Freight Improvement Plan
D6_ 2022 Truck Parking Supply & Demand Study pdf 3834 KB DownloadD6_ 2022 Truck Parking Supply & Demand Study
Miami River Freight Study Appendices pdf 39381 KB DownloadMiami River Freight Study Appendices
Miami Gardens Freight Study Truck Parking 2019 pdf 27514 KB DownloadMiami Gardens Freight Study Truck Parking 2019
Doral Freight Study 2018 pdf 26761 KB DownloadDoral Freight Study 2018
Medley Freight Study 2017 pdf 8188 KB DownloadMedley Freight Study 2017
Opa Locka Freight Study 2017 pdf 7257 KB DownloadOpa Locka Freight Study 2017
Truck-Parking-Potential-Locations_2017 pdf 6503 KB DownloadTruck-Parking-Potential-Locations_2017
Hialeah-Freight-Plan-Fact-Sheet_2019 pdf 779 KB DownloadHialeah-Freight-Plan-Fact-Sheet_2019
Truck_Parking_Assessment_Tech_Memo_Ex-Sum_March2019 pdf 759 KB DownloadTruck_Parking_Assessment_Tech_Memo_Ex-Sum_March2019
Miami-River-Freight-Study-Final-Fact-Sheet_March2018 pdf 1518 KB DownloadMiami-River-Freight-Study-Final-Fact-Sheet_March2018
AssessmentPotentialTruckParking-FactSheet_Aug2018 pdf 1736 KB DownloadAssessmentPotentialTruckParking-FactSheet_Aug2018
AssessmentPotentialTruckParking-ExSummary_Aug2018 pdf 4073 KB DownloadAssessmentPotentialTruckParking-ExSummary_Aug2018
Truck_Parking_Assessment_Tech_Memo_MDC-Owned-Land_March2019 pdf 13779 KB DownloadTruck_Parking_Assessment_Tech_Memo_MDC-Owned-Land_March2019
AssessmentPotentialTruckParking_Aug2018 pdf 13038 KB DownloadAssessmentPotentialTruckParking_Aug2018
Doral-Freight-Study-Final-Appendix-E_2018 pdf 9879 KB DownloadDoral-Freight-Study-Final-Appendix-E_2018
Doral-Freight-Study-Final-Appendix-J_2018 pdf 15430 KB DownloadDoral-Freight-Study-Final-Appendix-J_2018
freight-logistics-zone-designation-strategic-plan_June2018 pdf 2534 KB Downloadfreight-logistics-zone-designation-strategic-plan_June2018
Doral-Freight-Study-Final-Appendix-D_2018 pdf 110 KB DownloadDoral-Freight-Study-Final-Appendix-D_2018
Doral-Freight-Study-Final-Appendix-B_2018 pdf 572 KB DownloadDoral-Freight-Study-Final-Appendix-B_2018