CADD Statewide Development

The Production Support CADD Office, with input from the Districts and design community, develops and maintains the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) Standards for CADD production and related activities. The Production Support CADD Office delivers CADD Software to reflect those standards and maintains the CADD Manual in coordination with the CADD Software to document those standards in accordance with the FDOT Design Manual (FDM). The FDOT CADD Software and installation requirements are available from the Production Support CADD Office websites.

CADD Statewide Support

The Production Support CADD Office supports CADD Software used for in-house CADD production as set forth in the CADD Manual. Consultant support is limited to FDOT developed and distributed software, interfaces, and configurations. Consultants seeking general CADD software support should seek assistance from their re-seller or software vendor account representative. The CADD Manual establishes the hierarchy of CADD related support roles performed by FDOT staff.

CADD Statewide Training

The Production Support CADD Office manages and coordinates FDOT statewide CADD user training program. The CADD Training Plan will encompass the core CADD Software and CADD production procedures. The District CADD Managers, Office of Information Systems (OIS), and Information Technology (IT) personnel assigned to support CADD participate in District CADD training coordination. The Production Support CADD Office offers multiple opportunities and resources for training users in the FDOT CADD Software.

Formal CADD Training Plan Divisions:

  • CADD Regional Training – Full workflow instructor-led curriculum scheduled in the FDOT Districts covering the standard CADD production workflow topics. Participation is credited to each FDOT staff training records upon completion of courses through the FDOT statewide Learning Curve Program.
  • CADD Academy Training – Full scheduled workflow web-based curriculum set in FDOT’s statewide Learning Curve system. Participation is credited to each FDOT staff training record upon completion of course modules. (NOTE: This is currently a work-in-process! Notification will go out when setup is complete!)
  • District Project Based Training – One (1) Week per district of Project based hands-on training with the coordination of each district with the Production Support CADD Office on a as needed bases.

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