The CADD Office offers daily one-on-one support, utilizing the GoToMeeting software to connect with any user computer for instant assistance. Note: The CADD GoTo Meeting can also be access from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Standard Menu option within a MicroStation software session.

GoToMeeting Button

To join a meeting from the CADD Office GoToMeeting Web site

  • Click on the Meet Now button above.
  • A new window will be opened by the Browser.
  • If prompted, click Yes or Grant to accept the download for the plug-in needed by your browser.
  • Enter the Meeting Identification (ID) (nine (9) digit number) provided by the CADD support staff.
  • If requested, enter the meeting password provided by your meeting organizer.
  • When prompted, type in your name and email address, and then click the Remember Me "check box" to avoid inputting this information in any subsequent meetings.
  • Upon clicking OK on the Name and Email dialog, you will enter the meeting and the Attendee Control Panel, and the GoToMeeting Viewer Window will appear.

Attendee Role Overview

  • A GoTo Meeting Attendee can be any person with an Internet connection. All that is required to join a meeting is the Meeting ID and, if required, the Meeting Password. Attendees do not need to subscribe to the GoToMeeting software; they join the Meeting as guests of the CADD Office at no cost to themselves.
  • Attendees may be given the role of Organizer and/or Presenter at any time once a GoTo Meeting has started from the original Meeting Organizer.

Select here for a Quick Reference Guide for GoToMeeting Attendees

Feel free to send any comments, suggestions, and questions to the CADD Office: CADD Support