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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) State Safety Office awards subgrants to traffic safety partners that undertake priority area programs and activities to improve traffic safety and eliminate crashes, serious injuries, and fatalities. Subgrants may be awarded for assisting in addressing traffic safety deficiencies, expansion of an ongoing activity, or development of a new program.

Subgrants are awarded as "seed" money to assist in the development and implementation of programs in traffic safety priority areas. Many types of organizations are eligible to receive traffic safety subgrant funding including government agencies, political subdivisions of state, local, city and county government agencies, law enforcement agencies, state colleges and state universities, school districts, fire departments, public emergency service providers, and certain qualified non-profit organizations (e.g., MADD, SADD, etc.).

Funding for these subgrants are apportioned to states annually from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) according to a formula based on population and road miles. Occasionally, additional funding may be available for projects in other program areas if there is documented evidence of an identified problem.

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How to Apply

Each applicant must develop a concept paper that identifies a traffic safety problem in the applicant’s jurisdiction. Applicants should provide documentation in the form of crash data of the traffic safety problem targeted by the subgrant. Concept papers must detail the activities of how the traffic safety problem will be addressed using subgrant funds. For more detailed information refer to concept papers.

Applicants must first register as new users in the FDOT Intelligrants System. For registration details visit concept papers. Once registered, applicants can submit concept papers between January 1st and the last day of February to receive funds the following October. For more information, please review the Highway Safety Subgrant Application Instructions.

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Highway Traffic Safety Subgrant Management System

FDOT uses Intelligrants to manage highway traffic safety subgrants. Each organization must assign at least one, with a maximum of two Subrecipient System Administrators to coordinate access to the system and submit documents to the FDOT State Safety Office on behalf of the agency. A subrecipient request form must be completed and signed by the agency head or delegate to grant authority to allow completion and submission of concept papers. Completed forms should be sent to Juanita Williams at for processing.

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Highway Safety Plan — The Highway Safety Plan (HSP) is Florida’s plan of action for the disbursement of Highway Safety Grant Programs funding administered by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA). Federal regulations require states to submit an HSP to guide transportation safety investments along with an application for federal funding to identify strategic safety projects prioritized and selected for funding.


  • FDOT State Safety Office Reimbursement forms must be completed for costs incurred on all subgrant projects. For more information visit the Financial Reports section.
  • Activity Reports must be filled out for each program area-specific work performed by the subrecipient that is funded by the subgrants. For more information, visit the Activity Forms section.
  • Equipment, subcontractors, consultant travel, etc. forms must also be completed, if applicable. For more information visit the Other Forms section.

Highway Safety Matrices — The Florida Highway Safety Matrix ranks combined serious injury and fatality data across 5 years in the county and city level matrices that are divided into three groups based on population. Applicants should document their jurisdiction’s ranking within these matrices in their concept papers. Locations ranked in the top 40 percent within each population group will be prioritized for funding.

Signal Four — Signal Four is a statewide analytical system that integrates crash, roadway, and citation data made visible in a geospatial platform. Signal Four is a resource that can support data driven concept papers and programs. For more information visit S4Analytics (

Rules, Regulations, and Statute  —  All applicants and subrecipients must comply with applicable Code of Federal Regulations, Florida Statutes, and Office of Management and Budget Circulars. For more information visit the Rules, Regulations and Statues page.

Subrecipient Training — The FDOT Safety Office provides training resources to assist all of our subrecipients. These training and resources include process maps, presentations, and videos, which can be accessed by clicking the Subrecipient Training link or above in the left menu.

Traffic Safety Priority Areas — The FDOT Safety Office supports a broad range of programs aimed at improving transportation safety. Each area is detailed here with definitions, types of funding, resources, and other information that can assist with understanding the traffic safety programs that are funded

Traffic Safety Coalitions — These Coalitions bring multiple traffic safety partners together to make Florida's roadways efficient and safe. These coalitions are open to public participation. A calendar of meetings can be found here: Coalition Meetings Calendar



FY24 Grant Timeline


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For more information contact Chris Craig @ (850) 414-4009

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