Structures Design


The official Design Standards are available at the Roadway Office website:
Design Standards webpage
Design Standards depict common structural components or elements suitable for standardization. Their use is by reference in the Contract Plans to the official Design Standards as specified in the Plans Preparation Manual (Volume II, Section 3.8). Some "Structures" Design Standards require the designer to complete a Data Table(s) and include in the Contract Plans. These Data Tables should be available on the FDOT Structures bar menu within the TTF_V8semi-standards.cel cell library. If a Data Table is not included in the FDOT Structures bar menu, the latest cell library can be downloaded from the link provided below or individual cells can be downloaded from the Standard Plans webpage for FY2012/2013 and later.


Structures Related Design Standards Details:


(see Standard Plans website for FY 2012/2013 and later Design Standards Details & Revisions)


(see Archived Drawings for 2010/2011 and earlier Design Standards Details & Interims)


Structures Standard Plans Packager Program(used to bundle Bridge Standard Plans into a PDF file for Structures Component)



FDOT Structures Menu Data Table Cell Libraries:


(in MicroStation format. PDF examples are available in the Standard Plans Instructions (SPI).)


TTF-V8semi-standards.cel v2016.3 (Jan 2016 - For use with FY 2016-17 Design Standards. Included in FDOTSS4 MR1 CADD Software Releases)
(0.9MB zip)


TTF-V8semi-standards.cel v2016.4 (Nov 2016 - For use with FY 2017-18 Design Standards. Included in FDOTSS4 MR2 CADD Software Releases, plus missing Data Table 17743 and updated Data Tables 21800B & 21800T)
(0.9MB zip)


TTF-StdDataTables.cel v2017.1 (Nov 2017 - For use with FY 2018-19 Standard Plans. Included in FDOTSS4 MR4 CADD Software Releases, plus updated Data Tables 450-199 & 450-299)
(0.9MB zip)



FDOT Structures Menu Data Tables not included in the IDS/SPI:


(available in MicroStation TTF_v8semi-standards.cel/TTF-StdDataTables.cel Cell Library)


Drilled Shaft Data Tables (last revision: July 2013 - PDF)


Steel Sheet Pile Walls Data Tables (last revision: July 2014 - PDF)


LRFR Summary Tables (last revision: July 2015 - PDF)


Table of Prestressed I-Beam Temporary Bracing Minimum Requirements and Loads (last revision: August 2015 - PDF)



FDOT Structures Menu v8 Structures Cell Library:


(in MicroStation or AutoCAD format on request.)


TTF_v8structures.cel (FDOTSS4 MR2)


TTF_v8structures.cel (FDOTSS4 MR1 Hotfix2)



FDOT True Type Fonts:


(Copy these files into the C:\Windows\Fonts directory to correctly display the .DGNs dated July 2011 or later. These files are automatically included in the FDOT CADD Software downloads beginning with FDOTSS2.)


FDOT True Type Fonts



FDOT Structures Menu UI:


(Copy the cells.xml file into the \FDOTSS3\MENU\UI\UI.Menus\Structures or \FDOTSS4\MENU\UI\UI.Menus\Structures folder to correctly display the latest pull down menu for the Data Tables cells.


(4KB zip)



Training Presentations of Interim Changes:


(links to the Roadway Design Office Training web sites)


2012 Design Update Training (July 2011 & FY2012/2013 Design Standards)
2013 Design Update Training (2014 Design Standards)
2014 Design Update Training (2015 Design Standards)
2015 Design Update Training (2016 Design Standards)
2017 Design Update Training (FY 2017-18 Design Standards)