Thank you for visiting the Florida Department of Transportation 2012 Design Update Training Website. For your convenience, we have included links to the presentations from our April 17-18, 2012 Webinar. You will receive invaluable information regarding the recent updates to our Design standards, manuals, handbooks and other related issues. However, PDH Credits are not available for the 2012 Design Update Training.
If you require additional information, click on the presenter’s name to contact them directly by email. Thank you for your time and allowing us to serve your training needs.
July 2012
DescriptionVideo PresentationPresenter/Contact
Day 1 - AGENDA
General Design Standards - General changes to the 2013 Design Standards Cycles, Revision Processes, Time Lines and Due Dates YouTube - 37min John Mauthner
Patrick Overton
Design Standards - SPM - MOT - Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Signing and Marking Standards updates YouTube  - 23min Chester Henson
Ezzeldin Benghuzzi
Design Standards - Structures - General updates to Structures Design Standards, Web site navigation changes YouTube - 30min Gevin McDaniel
April 2012
Day 1 - AGENDA
Plans Preparation Manual - SIS Design Speed, Roadside Slopes, Safety Projects, Cross Slope and Super Elevation (includes opening remarks by David O'Hagan, State Roadway Design Engineer)YouTube Benjamin Gerrell
Standard K - Design Aspects of Standard K FactorsYouTube Douglas McLeod
Utilities PPM and UAM UpdatesYouTube  Tom Bane
Bicyclist and Pedestrian PPM Updates - Green Bike Lanes, Shared-use Paths, US Bike RoutesYouTube Mary Anne Koos
General Design Standards - Landscape, Governing Standards/Specifications, DS 400, 410 and 219YouTube John Mauthner
Rebecca Hatton
Day 2 - AGENDA
Pavement Markings, Signing, Lighting - Maintenance of Traffic - Attachments to Traffic Railings, Permanent Pavement Markings, Lighting, Dynamic Message Signs, Coordination of TTC Plans, Design Standards 414, 415 and 600 Series (includes opening remarks by David O'Hagan, State Roadway Design Engineer) YouTube Chester Henson
Charlie Harvey
Ezzeldin Benghuzzi
Drainage Manual - Vertical and Horizontal Clearances in Navigable Waterways, Design Standards 200 SeriesYouTube Jennifer Green
Structures Design StandardsYouTube Steven Nolan
Pedestrian Bridges  Tom Andres
Weathering Steel BridgesYouTube Gary Roufa
Specifications and Estimates - Temporary Signals, Litter Removal & MowingYouTube  Melissa Hollis