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Thank you for visiting the Florida Department of Transportation 2015 Design Update Training Website. For your convenience, we have included links to the Webinar presentations regarding updates to our 2016 Design standards, manuals, handbooks and other related topics. Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits are not available for this Training.
If you require additional information, click on the presenter’s name to contact them directly by email. Thank you for your time and allowing us to serve your training needs.
   September 2015  
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Monitor Existing Structures

Specification 108, Upcoming Design Bulletin, Scope & Hours discussed

Frequently Asked Questions

N/AYoutube - 39minPaul Hiers
   July 2015  
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
2016 Design Standards eBook update

Revisions, instruction for design standards, bulletins, index updates

PDFYoutube - 6minAlan Hart
Drainage Update

Index 216, 261, 281

PDFYoutube - 6minRick Jenkins
Concrete Barrier Wall

Index 410

PDFYoutube- 3min Derwood Sheppard
Maintenance of Traffic

Index 600, 603, 607, 619, 660

Transitioning to "Temporary Traffic Control" (TTC)

New Procedures and Handbooks coming soon

PDFYoutube- 22minGevin McDaniel

Index 518, 519. 17346, 17346, 17347, 17352, 17502, 17723

Discuss Specification 710-4.1.1

PDFYoutube - 28minChester Henson

Overview, deleted Standards, minor and significant revisions discussed

PDFYoutube - 35minSteven Nolan

Index 17900

PDFYoutube- 1minJames Whitley
   January 2015  
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Pavement Markings - Updates for July 2015N/AYoutube- 75 min Chester Henson

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