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ITSFM 3.0.0The ITS Facility Management (ITSFM) system was adapted from the telecommunications industry to help the FDOT manage the overall ITS system. FDOT has an enterprise license to use FDOT’s ITSFM configuration of Byers Engineering Company’s NexusWorxTM product. The ITSFM configuration was designed by FDOT to meet its needs for assets, configuration, and as-built document management of the ITS system and the Statewide Telecommunication Network (STN).

Roadway Weather Information System Equipment SiteITSFM is a GIS (Geographical Information System) web-based application that provides for the modeling of the fiber network facilities and connected fiber devices, as well as ITS devices and the electrical system powering the ITS device sites. The software is a web-based application that a valid user can access through a secure login from any computer connected to the Internet. There is no software to install or maintain on the user’s computer. The application provides dynamic and interactive mapping of the ITS system on the user’s laptop or personal computer running the latest version of Internet Explorer© or Google Chrome© web browsers and JAVA© software with a wired or wireless broadband connection to the Internet. The ITSFM is configured to support the following subsystems:

The ITSFM compiles information about network assets into a single, accessible GIS based graphical and tabular database allowing the FDOT Central Office, the Districts, and Regional Partners to manage the entire system. Regional transportation partners are invited to join the system at a moderate cost to facilitate regional data sharing of fiber and other infrastructure with each other.

Closed Circuit Television
Type:Closed Circuit Television
Manufacture:Acme Cameras - Dome
Year Installed:1998
Dynamic Message Sign
Type:Dynamic Message Sign
Manufacture:Acme Signs - LED
Year Installed:2001
Ramp Meter
Type:Ramp Meter
Manufacture:Acme Traffic - Stop/Go
Year Installed:2006

The ITSFM is designed so maintenance technicians can update the database as changes and modifications are performed in the field “on the fly.”

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