The Transportation Data and Analytics Office coordinates and maintains data on various highway system designations. Federal Aid Systems, the National Highway System and Functional Classification are developed in a cooperative process with local officials and FDOT according to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requirements, and approved by FHWA before becoming effective.


The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) maintains a repository of historical roadway data spanning back t the 1920's.

Types of available historical data:

Functional Classification, Additions/Deletions to the State Highway System, when Interstates opened, State Road designations, TIIFT deeds, Maintenance and Abandonments before 1970, 5th/6th cent gas tax used to fund primary/secondary road systems, additions to the primary and secondary road systems, U.S. Route information, State Board Meeting minutes, Road Jurisdiction Transfers, Maintenance Agreements-1970, Federal Aid Routes, Old Federal Highway System, road numbers and old section numbers.