Approved Product List (APL)A list of Department approved materials and manufactured products.
Computation Book FormsState Construction Office's page for Forms in Excel format
Construction Project Administration ManualFDOT Online Publication of the Construction Project AdministratorManual (CPAM)
Directions to OfficeDirection to the Burns Building in Tallahassee, Fl
Standard Plans
(formerly the Design Standards)
Standards and details established to ensure consistent design in the preparation of Contract Plans and in the construction of roadways and structures on the State Highway System.
FDOT VPN Network LoginFDOT VPN Network Login
Florida Sampling and Testing Methods (FM)FDOT Referenced Publication
Forms and Procedures OfficeCollection of all Forms and Procedures.
Current Letting and Project InformationA list of Lettings by District/County or Month/Year/Group. Maintained by the Production Management Office.
Monthly Construction EstimatesPosted to the FTP site.
Monthly Estimates Cut-Off DatesReports Page, State Construction Office
Plan Preparation ManualPlans Preparation Manual
Production Facilities ListingA list of producers with accepted QC plans.  When required by the Specifications, this list provides the list of acceptable material producers for acceptance of products at the project level.
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control DevicesThe Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is incorporated by reference in 23 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 655, Subpart F and is recognized as the national standard for all traffic control devices installed on any street, highway, or bicycle trail open to public travel in accordance with 23 U.S.C. 109(d) and 402(a). The policies and procedures of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are to obtain basic uniformity of traffic control devices as described in 23 CFR 655, Subpart F.
National Highway Specifications WebsiteA searchable library of highway specifications from across the country. The site also features Discussion Forums to enhance communication and interaction in the development and use of various types of construction specifications.
Technical Committee on Cost Estimating (AASHTO)Develop recommended procedures for preparing final estimates and for reviewing bids prior to concurrence in award. In addition, guidance will be included for improving pre-bid, bid review, and evaluation policies and procedures.
Transportation Estimators AssociationProviding Reliable Benchmarks for Transportation Agencies
AASHTO Project Users Group (PUG)Paving the Way to Quality Transportation Software
Utility Accommodation Manual (UAM)Utility Accommodation requirements for Florida Department of Transportation projects whose schedules have been advanced by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).