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The Organizational Development Office (ODO) is composed of five separate units: 

  • Change Management –  Assists the Department in planning for and managing the people side of change.  
  • Multimedia Services – Develops multimedia products to fulfill the department’s mission and serve various initiatives and projects. 
  • Policy & Process Management –  Facilitates the review of policies, procedures, manuals, forms, and administers the Department’s Procedural Document Library. 
  • Talent Engagement & Support –  Administers the employee engagement survey and manages the SASHTO Scholarship, Internship, Mentoring, and Awards & Recognition Programs.
  • Training Management & Design – Plans and supports the Department's Road to Leadership Academies; designs and delivers workshops and training; and administers the Department's learning management system.

Our Mission

The mission of ODO is to develop, implement, and manage statewide programs and initiatives to enhance the customer experience. 

Office Manager

Brigette Boisvert

605 Suwannee St Tallahassee, FL 32399

Tel: 850-414-4067
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