Standard Specifications for Road & Bridge Construction

Daniel Strickland
State Specifications Engineer
Phone: (850) 414-4130

The Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction contain requirements setting out or relating to the method or manner of performing work or to the quantities and qualities of materials and labor for all FDOT contracts. You will find links to the standard specifications documents for current and recent past FDOT projects in the Standard Specifications Library.


Standard Specifications LibraryLinks to all current implemented Standard Specifications and revisions.
Industry ReviewA list of proposed Specification revisions for review and comment.
Track the Status of RevisionsCheck the status of proposed revisions currently in review.
Specification GuidanceLink to the Specification Package Preparation Procedure and other helpful information.
Specs on the WebLink to the web application used to prepare Specifications Packages.


Design-BuildDesign-Build Specifications boilerplate to be incorporated into the Request for Proposal (RFP) for Design-Build projects.
Local AgencyImplemented specifications used by Local Agencies.
DevelopmentalDevelopmental Specifications are developed around a new process, procedure, or material approved for limited use by the State Program Management Office. These specifications are signed and sealed by the professional engineer responsible for authorizing use and monitoring performance in the field. Developmental Specifications are requested from the District Specifications Office on a project by project basis.
Push ButtonPush Button Specifications allow the use of Work Documents or Task Orders to complete the work covered by the contract.
Specifications developed for use on Maintenance Contracts.
TSP LibraryA library hosting sample Technical Special Provisions for your Specification Packages.