Specification Guidance

Specification Package Preparation TrainingThis link will provide you with information for preparing specification packages as well as registering for upcoming training dates.
Specification Package Recertification CourseThis link will provide you with information on the recertification course.
Specifications Package Preparation Procedure Review the FDOT standard procedure for the preparation of Specification Packages for projects let by the Department.
Specification Development ProcedureA review of the FDOT standard procedure, outlining the process used for the development and implementation of new or modified Specifications and related pay items.
Specifications HandbookReferenced by procedure, the Spec Handbook further defines the process and provides additional guidance in the preparation of Specification packages. It also includes general rules for the preparation of Technical Special Provisions.
Specifications Package
This link provides access to a SAMPLE Specifications Package, the PDF file of an electronically signed and sealed package. It demonstrates a completed Table of Contents, the consecutive Section numbering of a package, and how to incorporate an individually signed and sealed Technical Special Provision.
Supplemental Specifications
This link provides access to a SAMPLE Supplemental Specifications Package, prepared for the same project, as the pdf file of an electronically signed and sealed package. It demonstrates what the modification looks like from the original Specifications Package built in Specs on the Web. Please note this is a different project than the SAMPLE Specifications Package. It is for reference only.
Style Guide for SpecificationsThis link provides many helpful hints on formatting specifications prepared for incorporation into FDOT projects. The Style Guide also provides important information on how to apply the FDOT document template when creating and formatting Specifications. Topics covered include AASHTO Format; Organization of Specs; Formatting Issues; Abbreviations and Symbols; Numerals; Punctuation and Grammar; Capitalization; Tables; Wording in Active Voice; Word Processing Hints; etc. These guidelines are also applicable to the preparation of Technical Special Provisions. 
Specifications Format Template Right-click on this link and click on "Save Target As" to save the Specifications format template to your computer. This blank template contains the styles necessary for the formatting of the Specifications Package.
User Guide
The application for preparing Specification Packages from the Internet. Using this application requires completion of the Specifications Package Preparation Training for Consultants. Please contact the District Specifications Office for more information or if interested in taking the course, please sign up here