Track the Status of Revisions FY 2025-26

  Review Package = Origination Form and Draft Implementation in Red Line.
  Internal/Industry Comments/Responses = Comments and Responses with action taken to Comments.
  N/C = No Comments were received during review.
  FHWA Approval = Approved Red Line and Final (implemented clean copy).

Standard Specifications Title Internal
0050104Control of the WorkN/CN/C--
0071305Legal Requirements and Responsibility to the PublicN/C----
0071400Legal Requirements and Responsibility to the PublicN/C----
0080604Prosecution and ProgressN/CComment/Response
0090302Measurement and PaymentN/C----
1020304Maintenance of TrafficComment/Response
1020602Maintenance of Traffic------
1021120Maintenance of Traffic------
1040400Prevention, Control, and Abatement of Erosion and Water PollutionN/C----
1050404MM62V2Contractor Quality Control General RequirementsN/C----
1050404MM82V2Contractor Quality Control General RequirementsN/C----
1050404MM86V2Contractor Quality Control General RequirementsN/C----
1050404MM92V2Contractor Quality Control General RequirementsN/C----
1050404MM93V2Contractor Quality Control General RequirementsN/C----
1100100Clearing and GrubbingComment/ResponseN/C--
1100601Clearing and GrubbingN/C----
1100603Clearing and Grubbing------
1200101Excavation and Embankment------
1200102Excavation and Embankment *Associated with 5560502Comment/Response----
1210200Flowable FillN/C----
1450300Geosynthetic ReinforcementN/C----
2340201Superpave Asphalt BaseN/CN/C--
2830403Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Base------
2850200Optional Base Course *Associated with 9110100------
2860502Driveway BaseN/CN/C--
3300904Hot Mix Asphalt - General Construction Requirements* Associated with 3340500Comment/ResponseN/CFHWA
330090405Hot Mix Asphalt - General Construction Requirements* Associated with 3380502Comment/Response
3340500Superpave Asphalt Concrete* Associated with 3300904Comment/ResponseN/CFHWA
3340501Superpave Asphalt ConcreteN/CComment/ResponseFHWA
3370302Asphalt Concrete Friction CoursesN/CN/CFHWA
3380502Value Added Asphalt Pavement* Associated with 330090405Comment/ResponseN/C--
3460901Structural Portland Cement ConcreteN/C----
3501305Cement Concrete Pavement------
3520200Grinding Concrete Pavement------
4000707Concrete StructuresN/C----
4070100Three-Sided Precast Concrete CulvertN/C----
4100100Precast Concrete Box CulvertN/C----
4150505Reinforcing For Concrete------
4300100Pipe CulvertsN/C----
4490100Precast Concrete Drainage ProductsN/C----
4500204Precast Prestressed Concrete ConstructionN/C----
4550710Structures FoundationsComment/Response----
5060200Temporary Traffic Control Device MaterialsN/C----
5140200Geosynthetic for Drainage Applications N/C----
5200200Concrete Gutter, Curb Elements, And Traffic SeparatorN/CN/C--
5210100Concrete Barriers, Traffic Railings, And ParapetsN/CN/C--
5220200Concrete Sidewalks and DrivewaysN/CN/C--
5230200Patterned PavementComment/Response----
5460200Rumble StripsN/C----
5560502Jack and Bore *Associated with 1200102N/C----
5610200 Coating Existing Structural SteelN/C----
6350100Pull Boxes, Splice Boxes, Junction Boxes, and Fiber Optic Splice Vaults* Associated with 9960101N/C----
6490200Galvanized Steel Poles, Mast Arms, And Monotube AssembliesN/C----
6500200Vehicular Traffic Signal Assemblies *Associated with 9950103N/C----
6540200Midblock Crosswalk Enhancement Assemblies *Associated with 9950103N/C----
6600202Vehicle Detection SystemComment/Response----
6650200Pedestrian Detection SystemComment/Response----
6710200Traffic Controllers *Associated with 9950103N/C----
6760200Traffic Cabinets *Associated with 9950103N/C----
6840200Network Devices *Associated with 9960103------
7001003Highway SigningComment/ResponseN/CFHWA
7050201Object Markers and Delineators------
9110100Base and Stabilized Base Materials *Associated with 2850200------
9160302Bituminous MaterialsN/CComment/Response
9480901Optional Drainage Products and Repair Systems------
9620900Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metal Items (Other than Aluminum)N/C----
9670601Components for GuardrailN/CN/C--
9700203Materials for Raised Pavement Markers and Adhesive------
9710203Pavement Marking Materials------
9850400Geosynthetic MaterialsN/CN/C--
9900301Temporary Traffic Control Device MaterialsN/CN/C--
9901301Temporary Traffic Control Device MaterialsComment/Response
9920102Highway Lighting MaterialsN/CN/C--
9940201Retroreflective and Nonreflective Sheeting and Sign Panel Fabrication------
9950103Traffic Control Signal and Device Materials *Associated with 6500200, 6600202, and 6760200 Comment/Response----
9960101Intelligent Transportation System Device and Auxiliary Component Materials* Associated with 6350100N/C----
9960103Intelligent Transportation System Device Materials *Associated with 6840200------
SP0070104-2Legal Requirements and Responsibility to The Public - Laws to Be Observed - Compliance with Federal Endangered Species Act and Other Wildlife Regulations (Bald Eagle)N/CN/C--
SP0070104-11Legal Requirements and Responsibility to the Public – Laws to be Observed - Compliance with Federal Endangered Species Act and Other Wildlife Regulations (Bats in Bridges)------
SP1010000PBNEW SPECIAL PROVISION - Mobilization (Push Button)N/C----