Effective transportation planning and investment can support many of the qualities desired in a community. The Florida Department of Transportation supports community planning through our statutorily mandated requirement to review local government comprehensive plans, amendments and changes to existing Development of Regional Impact. Our mandate is to identify, comment on, and recommend mitigation to ameliorate impacts to transportation facilities of state importance. Please direct any questions to The Office of Policy Planning.

We offer direct technical assistance to local governments on assessing and addressing transportation impacts and to help ensure that their vision for the future of their transportation network aligns with the seven goals of the Florida Transportation Plan:

  • Safety and security for residents, visitors and businesses
  • Agile, resilient, and quality transportation infrastructure
  • Efficient and reliable mobility for people and freight
  • More transportation choices for people and freight
  • Transportation solutions that support Florida’s global economic competitiveness
  • Transportation solutions that support quality places to live, learn, work, and play
  • Transportation solutions that enhance Florida’s environment and conserve energy

Community Planning Legislation


FDOTs responsibilities to support growth management include: