Freight Mobility and Trade Plan


The Freight Mobility & Trade Plan (FMTP) is a comprehensive plan that identifies freight transportation facilities critical to the state’s economic growth and guides multimodal freight investments in the state. 

To receive funding under the National Highway Freight Program (23 U.S.C. 167), the FAST Act requires the development of a state freight plan which must comprehensively address the state’s freight planning activities and investments both immediate and long-range.  The recent Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)  includes several new required elements for State Freight Plans, establishes new priorities  States are required to consider in carrying out activities under the State Freight Plan,  clarifies the State Freight Plan approval process, and modifies the length of the update  cycle for State Freight Plans from every five years to every four years. 

Bringing together the perspectives and knowledge of public and private partners, including  shippers, carriers, and infrastructure owners and operators, is necessary for developing a  comprehensive and relevant State Freight Plan. 

Thank you for joining us at our regional outreach events throughout June 2023 to learn more about the FMTP and participate in breakout sessions to help inform the Freight Mobility and Trade Plan 2024 update!

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