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The FDOT Freight & Multimodal Operations Office completed the Freight Mobility & Trade Plan update in Spring 2020! The FMTP is a comprehensive plan that identifies freight transportation facilities critical to the state’s economic growth and guides multimodal freight investments in the state. The FMTP update will drive innovation in order to provide a safe, efficient, and resilient transportation system that enhances Florida’s economy and communities while preserving the quality of our environment.




2020 FMTP Update Documents

The FMTP update consolidates content into a visual state freight plan suitable for all audiences, and a series of technical memorandums that address all requirements and provide additional detail. The plan was designed to be modular so content is refreshed seamlessly in future updates. 

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FMTP Update Process

FMTP Update Process


Our inclusive engagement process involved soliciting feedback from the freight community - private sector stakeholders in the shipping and manufacturing industries, to business executives and public sector leaders, to the general public.

  • Several Florida Freight Advisory Committee meetings focused on the FMTP update to gain targeted industry input during the plan development process - click here for details!

  • We received local feedback in each of FDOT's 7 districts during a series of Regional Freight Forums - this input is woven into the draft plan documents above, and is summarized here