Systems Management

Access Management
Access management is the coordinated planning, regulation, and design of access between roadways and land development. It promotes the efficient and safe movement of people and goods by reducing conflicts on the roadway system and at its interface with other modes of travel.

Driveway Application
FDOT-One Stop Permitting
Driveway Permit Contacts per County

Access Management Resources
Access Management Guidebook 2023
Access Management Brochure (Updated 2016)
Access Management Classification (KMZ File, updated 06/06/23)
Legend for KMZ File

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Rules and Procedures
Rule 14-96 State Highway System Connection Permits 
Rule 14-97  State Highway System Access Control Classification System and Access Management Standards
Procedure 525-030155 Assignment of Access Management Classification to the State Highway
Procedure 625-010-021 Median Opening and Access Management

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