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Florida Transportation Plan

Florida Transportation Plan - Vision Element  Florida Transportation Plan - Policy Element

The Florida Transportation Plan (FTP) is the single overarching statewide plan guiding Florida's transportation future. It includes a Vision Element containing trends, uncertainties, and themes that will shape the future of transportation in Florida (50 years), a Policy Element with goals and objectives to guide the Florida Department of Transportation and partners toward the vision (25 years), and an Implementation Element (coming soon). For more information, visit

Florida's Strategic Intermodal System Policy Plan

Strategic Intermodal System Policy Plan  2040 Multimodal Needs Plan  Cost Feasible Plan

The Strategic Intermodal System Policy Plan helps guide decisions about future SIS investments and how priorities are established given limited funding. Also, see the 2040 Multi-Modal Unfunded Needs Plan and the Long Range Cost Feasible Plan

Florida Freight Mobility and Trade Plan

Florida Freight Mobility and Trade Plan  Florida Freight Mobility and Trade Plan

The Freight Mobility and Trade Plan includes both Policy and Investment elements designed to improve the efficiency of freight movement, leveraging Florida's strategic location in domestic and global markets.

Florida Motor Carrier System Plan

Motor Carrier System Plan Cover

The Florida Motor Carrier System Plan addresses mobility and competitive advantage concerns specifically from a trucking point of view. The Motor Carrier Issue Fact Sheets provides a comprehensive review of the issues motor carriers face, their impacts on the industry, numbers related the the issues and legislative background.

Florida Seaport System Plan and Florida Waterways System Plan

Florida Seaport System Plan  Florida Waterways System Plan

The Florida Seaport System Plan provides policy guidance, goals and objectives for the development, enhancement, and preservation of Florida's seaport system. The Florida Waterways System Plan provides an analysis of the overall system, conditions, challenges, and trends facing Florida’s waterways. Profiles of the Florida Seaport System and Florida's Seaports are also available.

Florida Statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study

Florida Statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study - Executive Summary  Florida Statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study - Technical Report

The Florida Statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study is part of the Florida Aviation System Plan (FASP) update and provides the economic impact associated with commercial, public-use, and military airports and aviation facilities. An Executive Summary and Technical Report are available.

Florida Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP)

Florida Strategic Highway Safety Plan

The 2016 Florida Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) is the statewide plan focusing on how to accomplish the vision of eliminating fatalities and reducing serious injuries on all public roads. The SHSP is updated at least every five years by FDOT in coordination with statewide, regional, and local safety partners.

Florida's Future Corridors

Florida's Future Corridors Brochure

Florida's Future Corridors is a statewide effort led by FDOT to plan for the future of the major transportation corridors critical to the state's economic competitiveness and quality of life over the next 50 years.

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