Motor Carrier System Plan

Motor Carrier System Plan Development

In 2015-2017 the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) updated all of its modal plans (Rail System Plan, Aviation System Plan, as well as the Seaport and Waterways System Plan) for consistency with the recently completed  Freight Mobility and Trade Plan (FMTP) and updated Florida Transportation Plan (FTP). For the first time, the Freight & Rail Office developed a Motor Carrier System Plan to complete the set.

FDOT's historical approach to Motor Carrier has been in terms of asset protection (compliance and size and weight issues) and safety. Going forward, we plan to also focus on the facilitation of truck movement and identifying key motor carrier policy issues.

Stakeholder engagement was critical to the success of the Motor Carrier System Plan, and Working Group meetings and Business Forums were held at key milestones. See the schedule and materials from these meetings below.

Motor Carrier System Plan and Resources