Structural Materials Field Operations



The Field Operations Unit provides the following services:

  • Commercial Inspection

  • Assistance and technical support in the material-related areas of the timber products, precast/prestress concrete, precast drainage products and ready mixed concrete.

  • Maintenance of the listing of the approved timber, precast drainage products, precast/prestressed concrete and ready-mixed concrete plants.

  • Assistance to the Districts in the review of the manufacturing plants proposed quality control plans.

  • Trouble-shooting and inspection-in-depth reviews of projects when requested by the Districts.

  • Assistance in the development of the training program for inspectors in their areas of expertise.

  • Proposal or review of modifications to the specifications in the materials-related areas of their expertise.

  • Administration of the consultant contracts for specialized inspections of structural steel fabrications for steel bridges and other testing services. As needed, these consultants provide specialized inspection skills or instruments not available within the department.

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