Note: The plant stamps listed below are provided in JPEG format.

State Materials Office


Flexible Pipe (FPP)

FPP-13 - JM Eagle PA

FPP-14 - JM Eagle TX

FPP-15 - Class I HDPE Southeast Culvert GA

FPP-15 - Class II HDPE Southeast Culvert GA

FPP-17 - Lane PA

FPP-18 - Lane VA

FPP-19 - Crumpler Pipe NC

FPP-20 - Contech Conyers GA

FPP-21 - Class II HDPE ADS Perry GA

FPP-21 - Polypropylene Perry GA

FPP-24 - Class II HDPE ADS Muncy PA

FPP-24 - Polypropylene ADS Muncy PA

FPP-25 - Metal Pipe Southeast Culvert GA


Timber (T)

T-002 - SI Storey Lumber Company

T-005 - Carolina Pole

T-006 - B and M Wood Products

T-007 - Atlantic Wood

T-010 - Langdale Forest Products

T-012 - Mid-West Wood Treating (American Timber)

T-013 - Apache Forest Products

District One and Seven


Flexible Pipe (FPP)

FPP-05 - Contech Pinellas Park

FPP-08 - Metal Culverts, Inc.

FPP-26 - Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.


Incidental Precast (IPC)

IPC-09 - S and S Precast

IPC-012 - Thompson Manufacturing Inc

IPC-25 - Old Castle Precast Inc - Cape Coral

IPC-45 - Valmont Newmark

IPC-50 - Henkay Precast

IPC-56 - Atlantic TNG LLC

IPC-61 - Traffic Control Products of FL, Ins.



Precast Concrete Drainage (PC)

PC-01 - Atlantic Concrete Products

PC-02 - Oldcastle Precast

PC-03 - Cast Systems LLC

PC-04 - Coastal Precast of Florida Inc

PC-33 - Concrete Products of the Palm Beaches

PC-39 - Forterra Pipe and Precast Products


Precast Prestressed Concrete (PCP)

PCP-10011 - Standard Concrete Products

Precast Concrete Pipe (PI)

PI-03 - Rinker Materials

PI-23 - Forterra Pipe and Precast Products

Timber (T)

T-008 - Southern Pine Timber Products

T-015 - Robins Manufacturing Co Inc

T-018 - Florida Fence and Post

District Two

Incidental Precast (IPC)

IPC-04 - Lindsay Precast

IPC-05 - Oldcastle Precast Inc

IPC-49 - Standard Precast Inc

Precast Concrete Drainage (PC)

PC-06 - Standard Precast Inc

PC-08 - Oldcastle Precast

PC-23 - Lindsay Precast


Precast Prestressed Concrete (PCP)

PCP-72-055 - Gate Precast Company

PCP-489 - Standard Concrete Products Inc

Precast Concrete Pipe (PI)

PI-27 - Diamond Concrete Products LLC


Timber (T)

T-003 - Pride Enterprises

District Three

Incidental Precast (IPC)

IPC-29 - CDS Manufacturing Inc

IPC-46 - Baldwin Lighting

IPC-54 - Stresscrete Inc

Precast Concrete Drainage (PC)

PC-28 - Southeastern Pipe and Precast Inc

PC-29 - Universal Precast

PC-34 - Hanson Pipe and Precast Inc

PC-40 - Precast Concrete Systems LLC


Precast Prestressed Concrete (PCP)

PCP-50-002 - CDS Manufacturing Inc

PCP-MS-296 - Gulf Coast Pre-Stress Inc

District Four and Six

Flexible Pipe (FPP)

FPP-02 - Contech Lantana


Incidental Precast (IPC)

IPC-06 - Concrete Impressions of Florida

IPC-16 - United Concrete Products

IPC-19 - Precast Specialties Inc

IPC-51 - American Concrete Industries

IPC-57 - Florida Concrete Products LLC

IPC-59 - Condotte America

IPC-64 - TJ Precast

IPC-65 - Quality Controlled Precast

Precast Concrete Drainage (PC)

PC-11 - American Concrete Industries LLC

PC-18 - United Concrete Products LLC

PC-20 - US Concrete Products

PC-24 - Rinker Materials

PC-26 - Concrete Products of the Palm Beaches

PC-41 - Florida Concrete Products LLC

PC-42 - TJ Precast

PC-43 - All American Precast Manufacturing


Precast Prestressed Concrete (PCP)

PCP-87-156 - United Concrete Product

PCP-87-157 - The De Moya Group Inc

PCP-87-200 - Florida Concrete Products

PCP-88-001 - CDS Manufacturing

PCP-93-101 - Southeastern Prestressed Concrete, Inc.

Precast Concrete Pipe (PI)

PI-19 - Rinker Materials - Hydro Conduit Inc

PI-28 - United Concrete Products

District Five

High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE)

PP-100-YR - ADS


Incidental Precast (IPC)

IPC-03 - Seminole Precast Incidental

IPC-07 - Concrete Impressions of Florida Incidental

IPC-08 - Dura-Stress Incidental

IPC-20 - Oldcastle Orlando Incidental

IPC-22 - Mack Concrete Industries Incidental

IPC-55 - Seminole Masonry

IPC-58 - HHI Heavy Highway Infrastructure Incidental

Precast Concrete Drainage (PC)

PC-12 - Forterra

PC-13 - Mack Concrete Industries Precast

PC-14 - Oldcastle Precast

PC-15 - Del Zotto Products Precast

PC-25 - Rinker Hydro Precast

PC-30 - County Materials Precast


Precast Prestressed Concrete (PCP)

PCP-11-013 - Dura-Stress Prestress

Precast Concrete Pipe (PI)

PI-17 - Rinker Hydro Pipe

PI-18 - County Materials Pipe

PI-25 - Del Zotto Products Pipe


Timber (T)

T-017 - Robbins - SPIB

T-017 - Robbins - Non-SPIB