Staff Directory

Brigette Boisvert(850) 414-4067Manager, Organizational Development Team
VACANT(850) 414-4686Quality Management Analyst
Tamieka Watt(850) 414-4686Intern
Michelle O'Donnell(850) 414-4154Supervisor, Quality Management and Support
Catherine Schneider(850) 414-4035Quality Management Analyst/Instructor
Jacqueline Morris(850) 414-4052Business Operations Analyst & Instructor
Kevin Jones(954) 934-1256Internship & Recruitment Coordinator
Contact Team(850) 414-4450 
Michael Livingston(850) 414-4113Supervisor, Policy and Process Management
Patrick Lange(850) 414-4386Business Operations Analyst
Stephanie Kutchinski(850) 414-4438Forms & Procedure Coordinator
Contact Team(850) 414-4646  
Kaitlin Morgan(850) 414-4384Supervisor, Training Management & Design
Samantha Garrett(850) 414-4658CO Program Coordinator/Instructor
Shawna Strauch(850) 414-4427CO Program Coordinator/Instructor


District One  
June Gump
(863) 519-2574District Training & Performance Manager
Blake Edwards(863) 519-2787District Training and Development Coordinator
VACANT(863) 519-2483District Performance Management Coordinator
Cheri Kelley(863) 519-2233District Training and Development Coordinator
District Two  
Fae Ross(386) 961-7712District Training & Performance Manager
Emma Donestevez
(386) 758-3767District Training and Development Coordinator
Ronnie Sadler(386) 961-7529District Performance Management Coordinator
Jessie Harris(386) 961-7528District Performance Development Coordinator
District Three  
Amanda Mauldin(850) 883-1376District Training & Performance Manager
Jeff Levingston(850) 330-1286District Performance Management Coordinator
Jenn Shiver(850) 414-4686Senior Clerk
District Four  
Cristina Gardner
(954) 777-4326
District Training & Performance Manager
Ron Benjamin(954) 777-4187District Training & Development Coordinator
Carol Rosener(954) 777-4151District Performance Management Coordinator
District Five  
Sybil Rothwell(386) 943-5462District Training & Performance Manager
Christina Harris(386) 943-5625District Training Coordinator
VACANT(386) 943-5737Senior Clerk
District Six  
Margaret Callahan(305) 640-7562District Training Manager
Carrie Mulet(305) 640-7466District Training Coordinator
District Seven  
Tari Colon (813) 975-6198District Training & Performance Manager
Wanda Nanney(813) 975-6183Performance Management Coordinator
Susan Taboada(813) 975-6233Training & Development Coordinator
Susan Williams(813) 975-6298Training & Performance Clerk
Turnpike Enterprise  
David Douglas(407) 264-3309District Training & Performance Manager
Rose Reyes(407) 264-3372District Performance Management Coordinator
Benjamin Magrehbi(407) 264-3327Performance Management Consultant
State Materials Office  
Julianny Acosta(352) 955-6601 Safety and Training Specialist