Computer Security CBT

FDOT Information Systems Security Training

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NOTE: This training course should be taken using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.


Computer Security Awareness education is required for all external consultants and outside agencies that access FDOT computer resources. It is also an annual requirement for external consultants and outside agencies to review this training in order to continue accessing FDOT computer resources. FDOT is utilizing a Computer Security Awareness course developed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The purpose of this course is to remind all FDOT computer resource users of the Office of Information Technology cybersecurity best practices and to comply with the Florida Cybersecurity Standards, Rule 60GG-2. 

You will receive a certificate when you have completed the CBT. To print your certificate you will need to either use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P or select File Print from the browser window. This certificate is not a fillable form. You may either print and sign the document to scan and return in a digital format, or you can print the certificate to PDF and fill in the fields with tools you may have that allow for filling in and digitally signing the certificate.

NOTE: DO NOT provide your Date of Birth on the certificate. This is not required by FDOT. 

Please email the signed certificate to your Supervisor, the FDOT Project Manager or Security Coordinator, who will coordinate the submission of your request in AARF.



Questions?  Please contact the FDOT Service Desk.