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Welcome to the Project Management Resource Page. Several tools are available here to help Project Managers develop and deliver quality products. The Project Management Guide will continue to evolve with new chapters as they are developed. The Project Management Webinar Series will also continue to grow.

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Project Management Guide     (Complete Project Management Guide PDF)

        Introduction to PM Guide
Part 1 General PM Topics / Concepts
Last Update
100 Part 1 Introduction
       Part 1 Introduction
105 PM Roles & Responsibilities  
        PM Roles & Responsibilities
  September 2021
        Statutory Authority   June 2020
110 General PM Topics    
        Agreements    September 2021
         Commitments   December 2023
        Federal and Local Funding   June 2020
        Project Management Plan   September 2021
        Public Records   September 2021
        Right of Way  WebsiteNovember 2021
115 PM Technology/Tools/Resources    
        PSEEApplicationWebinar December 2021
        ERCApplicationWebinarWebsiteDecember 2021
        Vault   August 2023
        Project Solve   September 2023
        Digital Signatures CADD ManualFDM August 2023
        Retention of Engineering Documents  FDMDecember 2022
120 General Design Elements    
        Context Classification  ManualJanuary 2023
        Complete Streets   January 2023
        Access Management   January 2023
        Intersection Control Evaluation   Website June 2023
125 Glossary of Terms & Acronyms    
        Glossary of Terms  Website 
         Acronyms   August 2023
Part 2 General Project Process
Last Update
200 Part 2 Introduction
      Part 2 Introduction    
205 PM by Phases    
210 Work Program    
        Understanding Work Program  InstructionsSeptember 2021
215 Scope of Work    
220 Consultant Procurement  
        Professional Services Contracts   April 2021
        Contractual Services Contracts   April 2021
225 Scope of Services    
       Develop Scope of ServicesApplicationWebinarWebsite 
230 Consultant Contract Negotiations    
        Contract Negotiations WebinarWebsiteApril 2021
235 Consultant Contract Management    
         Contract Management   June 2020
        Contract Amendments  Procedure June 2020
         Consultant EvaluationApplicationCEI Form
July 2023
        Invoicing   June 2020
        Disadvantaged Business EnterpriseApplication
June 2020
240 Project Management Controls    
        Schedule Management
         Scheduling Basics
 Webinar April 2021

        Risk Management:    
            Risk Management General    
            Risk Management Process     
            Risk Management Plan    
Risk Management Tools
             Risk Management Glossary

Webinar December 2021
         Project Change Management    September 2023
         Project Cost Management    September 2023
        Quality Assurance / Quality Control Webinar September 2021
   Scope Management   April 2023
        Value Engineering (VE) Training
June 2020
245 Project Communications    
        Public InvolvementHandbook  WebsiteNovember 2021
        Community Awareness Plan (CAP)   December 2021
         Railroad  WebsiteDecember 2021
        Public Transportation   December 2021
        Toll Coordination   December 2022
        Utility Coordination   December 2023
250 Project Closeout    
        Project Continuity    December 2021
255 Post-Design    
        Post-Design Services   December 2021
        Errors & Omissions (E&O)GuidelinesWebinarProcedureDecember 2021
Part 3 Phase Specific Project Management
Last Update
300 Part 3 Introduction
       Part 3 Introduction    
305 Planning    
Transportation Planning - Introduction    October 2023
Transportation Planning - SIS    October 2023
Transportation Planning - Modal and Regional Planning   October 2023
Transportation Planning - MPO   October 2023
Transportation Planning - Local Government Plan   October 2023
310 Project Development & Environmental    
      PD&E Project Management - Introduction Webinar February 2023
     NEPA Assignment - Overview Webinars September 2023
     Scope Development Webinars February 2023
     Contract Management   February 2023
     Communication   February 2023
315 Survey    
320 Design  
        Design Project Management - Introduction   December 2021
        Design Project Process   December 2021
        Design Project Closeout   December 2021
        Projects Involving Bridge DemolitionForm
 WebsiteJune 2020
        Bridge Project Development   April 2023
        Typical Section(s) Packages   FDM April 2023
        Pavement Design Packages   April 2023
        Right of Way Requirements   December 2021
        Driveway Tie-ins  FDMApril 2023
        Project Re-evaluations   January 2024
        General Notes  FDMApril 2023
        Lighting Justification   FDMApril 2023
        Preliminary Engineering ReportApplication  April 2023
        Specifications   April 2023
        Design Approvals   June 2023
        Americans with Disabilities   April 2024
325 Right of Way    
        Right of Way Introduction  WebsiteNovember 2021
        Pre-Right of Way Activities   November 2021
        Right of Way Phase   November 2021
        Post Right of Way Activities   November 2021
330 Transportation Systems Management & Operations
         Connected and Automated Vehicle   June 2023
          Statewide Arterial Management Program   June 2023
          ITS Communications    June 2023
         Managed Lanes   June 2023
          ITS Software   June 2023
335 Construction    
         Construction Project Management Introduction TrainingWebsiteNovember 2022
         Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) Contracts   November 2022
         Alternative Contracting Methods   November 2022
        Warranty Specifications   November 2022
         Plan Revisions   November 2022
         Permits and Other Commitments   November 2022
         Alternate Designs   November 2022
         Coordination with the Engineer of Record   November 2022
         Construction Quality Control Testing   November 2022
         Coordination with the District Maintenance   November 2022
         Project Closeout   November 2022
340 Maintenance    
      Maintenance Contract Management  WebsiteApril 2023
Part 4 Alternative/Special Project Classification Topics
Last Update
400 Part 4 Introduction
       Part 4 Introduction    
405 Major Projects
        Major Project Requirements   December 2021
        Project Management Plan   December 2021
        Cost/Schedule Risk Analysis (CSRA)   December 2021
        Financial Management Plan   December 2021
410 Design-Build
        Design-Build Project Management  WebsiteNovember 2021
        Design-Build Procurement Phase   November 2021
        Design-Build Lessons Learned   November 2021
425 Emergency Contracting
        Emergency Contract Project Management   December 2021
430 Local Agency Program (LAP)
      LAP Project Management   September 2023