Track the Status of Revisions FY 2022-23

Original Review Package = Origination Form, Red Lines, and Draft Implementation.
Response Package = Comments, Responses to Comments, and Draft Implementation (as needed).
N/C = No Comments were received during review.
Original Review Package  Index TitleInternal Comments ResponseIndustry   Comments   ResponseFHWA Approval
102-600General Information for Traffic Control Through Work ZonesN/CResponse PackageApproved
102-603Two-Lane, Two-Way, Work Within the Travel WayResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-604Two-Lane, Two-Way, Intersection WorkResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-606Two-Lane Roadway, Lane Closure Using Temporary Traffic SignalsN/CResponse PackageApproved
102-613Multilane Roadway, Lane ClosuresResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-615Multilane Roadway, Intersection WorkN/CResponse PackageApproved
102-620Multilane Roadway, Temporary DiversionN/CResponse PackageApproved
102-628Two-Way Left Turn LanesResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-660Sidewalk ClosureResponse PackageN/CApproved
102-661Bicycle Lane ClosuresResponse PackageN/CApproved
370-001Bridge Approach Expansion Joint Concrete Pavt. With Special Select Soil BaseN/CN/CApproved
450-010Florida I Beam - Typical Details and NotesN/CN/CApproved
450-199 Prestressed I-Beams Build-Up and Deflection DataN/CN/CApproved
515-052Pedestrian/Bicycle Railing (Steel)N/CN/CApproved
515-062Pedestrian/Bicycle Railing (Aluminum) N/CN/CApproved
520-001Curb and Gutter  N/CResponse PackageApproved
520-005 Concrete Shoulder Gutter SpillwayN/CN/CApproved
520-010Median Opening FlumeN/CN/CApproved
521-610Concrete Barrier/Junction Slab - Wall CopingN/CN/CApproved
521-650 Light Pole Pedestal - Wall CopingN/CN/CApproved
521-660 Light Pole Pedestal - BridgeN/CN/CApproved
548-020MSE Retaining Wall Systems - PermanentN/CN/CApproved
630-001Conduit Installation DetailsN/CResponse Package
646-001Aluminum Post and Pedestal Mounted Pedestrian Detectors and SignalsN/CResponse PackageApproved
649-031Mast Arm AssembliesN/CN/CApproved
654-001Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon AssemblyResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
659-010Span Wire Mounted Sign DetailsN/CN/CApproved
695-001Traffic Monitoring SiteN/CResponse Package
700-040Cantilever Sign StructureN/CN/CApproved
700-041Span Sign StructureN/CN/CApproved
700-120Enhanced Highway Signing AssembliesN/CResponse PackageApproved
711-001Pavement MarkingsN/CResponse PackageApproved
711-003Interchange MarkingsN/CResponse PackageApproved
715-001Conventional LightingN/CN/CApproved
715-002Standard Aluminum LightingResponse PackageN/CApproved
715-003Utility Conflict PoleN/CResponse PackageApproved
102-602 Two-Lane and Multilane, Work on ShoulderResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-607Mobile OperationsN/CN/CApproved
102-680 Haul Road CrossingN/CN/CApproved
350-001Concrete Pavement JointsResponse PackageN/CApproved
425-060Back of Sidewalk DrainageN/CN/CApproved
430-010 U-Type Concrete Endwalls 15" to 30" Pipes with GrateN/CN/CApproved
430-011U-Type Concrete Endwalls Baffles & Grate Optional 15" to 30" PipeN/CN/CApproved
430-012 U-Type Concrete Endwall Energy Dissipator 30" to 72" PipeN/CN/CApproved
430-020 Flared End SectionN/CN/CApproved
430-030 Straight Concrete Endwalls Single and Multiple PipeN/CN/CApproved
430-040 Winged Concrete EndwallsN/CN/CApproved
430-090 Safety Modifications for EndwallsN/CN/CApproved
440-002 Underdrain Inspection BoxN/CN/CApproved
509-100 Advance Warning For R/R CrossingN/CN/CApproved
522-002 Detectable Warnings and Sidewalk Curb RampsN/CN/CApproved
550-001 Fence Type AN/CN/CApproved
641-010 Concrete PolesN/CN/CApproved
700-010 Single Column Ground SignsN/CN/CApproved
700-011 Single Column Cantilever Ground Mounted SignResponse PackageN/CApproved
700-020 Multi-Column Ground SignN/CN/CApproved
700-102 Special Sign detailsN/CResponse PackageApproved
430-001 Miscellaneous Drainage DetailsResponse PackageN/CApproved
649-010 Steel Strain PoleN/CN/CApproved
700-091 Catwalk DetailsN/CN/CApproved
700-101Typical Sections for Placement of Single and Multi-Column SignsN/CN/CApproved
700-109Traffic Controls for Street TerminationsN/CN/CApproved
711-001Pavement MarkingsResponse PackageN/CApproved
000-510 Superelevation Transitions-High Speed RoadwaysN/CN/CApproved
000-511 Superelevation Transitions-Low Speed RoadwaysN/CN/CApproved
425-061 Closed Flume Inlet Response Package N/CApproved
641-020 Concrete CCTV PoleResponse Package N/CApproved
649-020 Steel CCTV PoleResponse Package N/CApproved
706-001 Typical Placement of Raised Pavement MarkersResponse Package   Response Package Approved
711-003 Interchange MarkingsResponse Package N/CApproved