All users shall follow these ITSFM standards to ensure the system is populated with consistent information across the FDOT Districts and Regional Partners. Key elements of these standards include Database Management and Standardized Naming Conventions.

It is important the system be updated as changes and upgrades are made to the transportation management system. Database updates shall be performed on a timely basis to ensure accurate information about the installed facilities is available each time the system is accessed. It is equally important to follow the standard naming conventions to ensure query and reporting tools provide the expected results.

The ITSFM is populated with a large amount of data, so it is critical the data is collected and entered into the ITSFM utilizing predetermined standards to provide maximum functionality from the system. These standards allow users to view specific data (and filter out unwanted data) in graphical, tabular views and in the standard reports.

The ITSFM database includes feature tables based on these standards. Many of the tables use predefined code lists (text) in drop-down menus to ensure misspelled words, such as an incorrect manufacturer, type and model for equipment will not adversely affect queries and searches.

The FDOT Districts and Regional Partners shall notify the Central Office ITS Section of the need to add new code list data to the system. Updating the code list is necessary to support new equipment attributes and allow them to be placed into the system. All changes or additions to the system must be authorized and implemented by the Central Office.

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Welcome To ITSFM Version 4.81

The Intelligent Transportation System Facility Management (ITSFM) / NexusWorx Version 4.81 will be deployed on December 5th, 2021. This release includes new and improved features that provide increased functionality for all users. Please see the attached document for more information about the new capabilities of the ITSFM system.

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