The following is a listing of the latest FDOT transportation-related technology initiatives:

DATP Pilot


Driver-Assisted Truck Platooning Pilot
Florida DOT is currently in the process of developing a pilot project to demonstrate Driver Assistive Truck Platooning technologies and operations to State of Florida transportation stakeholders. The pilot project will highlight performance and safety considerations through a set of operational scenarios.

Florida Automated Vehicles


Florida Automated Vehicles

The Florida Automated Vehicles program, led by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), is helping to educate the public by engaging stakeholders, developing research and pilot projects, and creating awareness of the technologies and how they support FDOT’s vision statement. These revolutionary technologies will further FDOT’s vision statement; “serving the people of Florida by delivering a transportation system that is fatality and congestion-free.”



Florida's Connected Vehicle Initiative

Florida's Connected Vehicle Initiative includes vehicle-to-infrastructure and infrastructure-to-vehicle communication to exchange information between vehicles, drivers, the roadside, bicyclists, and pedestrians. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, travelers have grown accustomed to and now expect real-time information that will allow them to make informed decisions. 


I-Street @ UF
The University of Florida (UF) and its Transportation Institute, the Florida Department of Transportation, and the City of Gainesville have partnered to create a “smart testbed” on the UF campus and surrounding highway network. The testbed will deploy and evaluate numerous advanced technologies, including connected and autonomous vehicles, smart devices, and sensors.



Intelligent Transportation Systems

The Florida Department of Transportation has deployed Intelligent Transportation Systems field devices, traffic signal equipment, and telecommunications systems throughout the state. The ITS Facility Management System (ITSFM), a tool developed by FDOT, manages a statewide communication network comprised of a wide range of transportation management equipment assets.


Located off I-4 between Orlando and Tampa, SunTrax is a large-scale, cutting-edge facility dedicated to the research, development, and testing of emerging transportation technologies in safe and controlled environments.



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