Driver Assisted Truck Platooning (DATP) Pilot

Florida DOT is currently in the process of developing a pilot project to demonstrate Driver Assistive Truck Platooning (DATP) technologies and operations to State of Florida transportation stakeholders. FDOT recently released an RFI for vendors do demonstrate DATP on portions of the FTE south and east of Orlando. The pilot project is in response to Florida Legislative requirements for a study and pilot project. The pilot project will highlight performance and safety considerations through a set of operational scenarios. Specifically, the pilot project will:
  • Evaluate impacts on surrounding traffic of DATP, in terms of safety and traffic flow
  • Evaluate impacts of DATP on infrastructure
  • Evaluate feasibility of conducting enforcement responsibilities when DATP trucks are operating
  • Evaluate administrative impacts of permitting DATP systems and operations
Once the RFI period closes, FDOT will move forward with a pilot project, data collection and analysis and prepare a final report for the Florida Legislature to use in determining next steps in permitting DATP operations throughout Florida.

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