Functional Classification and Urban Boundary Maps

Below are Department reviewed and approved Census 2010 Functional Classification and Urban Boundary based maps for the various counties throughout the state of Florida. The majority are in PDF format, those that are in a ZIP file format have additional insets maps included for their specific location. The Census Maps are updated on a decennial basis, i.e. every 10 years.

These maps are used to determine the proper Functional Classification and Urban Boundary designations within the Department's Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI) system. Functional Classification is the assignment of roadways into systems according to the character of service they provide in relation to the total roadway network. Urban Boundaries designate if a roadway segment is located in a rural or urban area and whether or not it is within a municipality.

To follow are .zip files of the 2010 Decennial Functional Classification and Urban Boundary maps in PDF format. Shapefiles for the smoothed Urban Boundaries are provided in .zip file format as well, for the whole state: 2010 Smoothed Urban Boundary Shapefiles.

The 2020 Census Roadway update process for Functional Classification and Urban Boundaries is approaching. Learn more here: 2020 Census Roadway Update Process.

Note: Although this page provides the official 2010 Functional Classification and Urban Boundary maps approved by FHWA in 2014, the functional classification designations have been subject to change since 2014. The latest functional classification designations for the department can be found here:

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TDA Functional Classification and Urban Boundary Downloads

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