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ADA Frequently Asked Questions

This document describes common issues and questions brought to the Department’s attention and our responses. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

DOJ & DOT Issue Guidance on Resurfacing and Curb Ramps (June 2013)
Based on requests around the country, the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Transportation issued a Joint Technical Assistance to clarify when curb ramp work is required as part of roadway resurfacing projects.

ADA Transition Plan

The FHWA recently recognized the FDOT as a “transitioned” State Transportation Agency as it pertains to the accessibility of our pedestrian facilities.   FDOT will continue to monitor our program’s success by conducting a review of a statistically significant sample of the state video logs of pedestrian features within our rights of way in two districts annually. These Quality Assurance Reviews include sidewalks, curb ramps, detectable warnings and pedestrian signals. Any areas in need of improvement identified during our robust review process will be forwarded to the appropriate district officials who will then supply a corrective action plan and schedule. The annual updates of this review process are posted below for public review and comment. Please click on the “User Feedback” link under “Resources” to share your comments.

ADA/504 Accessibility Program: FY2018 Transition Plan and Goals & Accomplishments Report

      FY2023 Update

      FY2022 Update

      FY2021 Update

      FY2020 Update

      FY2019 Update

State ADA Coordinator
Brad Bradley
Production Support Office
605 Suwannee St., MS40, Tallahassee, FL 32399

ADA Contact Information


The Department takes our responsibilities under the ADA very seriously. That’s why we strive to provide accessible pedestrian facilities for all users, especially individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to be the most accessible State Highway System (SHS) in the country! In fact, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has recognized us for the following: FDOT’s “…Transition Plan meets the minimum attributes provided in the Department of Justice ADA Title II regulations…” and “…transition of its pre-ADA pedestrian facilities is substantially complete and that FDOT is effectively integrating accessibility into each program area.”

FDOT’s now-approved ADA Transition Plan for accessibility is managed by our State ADA Coordinator in Tallahassee and implemented statewide by our District ADA Coordinators and project managers throughout the FDOT’s seven districts and the Florida Turnpike Enterprise. Under the leadership of Dean Perkins, Registered Architect, the FDOT fully integrated accessibility into every aspect of the way we deliver our Transportation Work Program for the State of Florida. Dean was FDOT’s first statewide ADA Coordinator since the ADA was passed in the early 1990s. Upon his retirement in March of 2019, Dean was even recognized by the FHWA as being the longest continually serving state transportation agency ADA Coordinator in the country! Thanks for a job well done, Dean!

In continuing Dean’s legacy and passion, the FDOT remains committed to more than just simply complying with the ADA. We’ve gained recognition as a national leader in accessibility by engaging in the following efforts: Maintaining comprehensive policies and procedures requiring strict accessibility compliance for every new construction, reconstruction, or rehabilitation/resurfacing project; Pursuing an aggressive maintenance program for all our existing facilities to keep pedestrian facilities in top shape; and, Continuing the innovation found in our Standard Plans for Road and Bridge Construction, that are among the most advanced in the country.

We welcome your input to help us with this challenge. Please click on “User Feedback” under “Resources” to share your thoughts, ideas, and any concerns that may arise.