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ADA Accessible Design Lite

Essentials of accessible design for transportation professionals, focusing on a plain description of the minimum accessibility requirements in Florida and Puerto Rico. Delivered 11/17/2020 by FDOT, PRHTA, FHWA, and FL LTAP. 
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Archived ADA Training

ADA 101-Just the Basics

An introduction of the Americans with Disabilities Act - History, the Law, the Regulations and the Standards.


ADA Design & Construction

Accessibility to pedestrian facilities with public rights of way: sidewalks, curb ramps, crossings and pedestrian features along the roadway.


ADA Facilities

Accessibility on sites and within building facilities. Included are requirements of the ADA Standards and the Florida Accessibility Code.


ADA for Local Agency Programs

Targeted toward city and county government staff, this course focuses on pedestrian facilities along roadways including sidewalks, curb ramps, detectable warnings, pedestrian push-buttons and crossings.


SAPFIM Application

The Safe and Accessible Pedestrian Facilities Inventory Model (SAPFIM) is a web-based application designed to collect, manage and report on pedestrian facilities along public roadways. These include sidewalks, curb ramps and crosswalks, and features affecting their accessibility and usability by pedestrians, including those with disabilities.


ADA and Transportation - FHWA

(Microsoft PowerPoint)

Provides a description of Title VI and ADA requirements for roadway design and construction, including accessibility at roundabouts and accessibility through work zones. It also describes recent guidance from U.S. DOJ and U.S. DOT about when curb ramp work is required during resurfacing projects.


ADA Roads & Bridges - PROWAG

(YouTube Video)

This video training describes ADA criteria for pedestrian facilities along public roadways. It covers requirements in the ADA Standards and in the proposed Public Rights of Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG). This video is part of the Department’s “Project Management Webinar Series”.



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