District 7 Freight Resources

Regional Projects & Initiatives

Tampa Bay Regional Strategic Freight Plan Update – Highways. Seaports. Waterways. Airports. Railroads. Distribution Centers. Pipelines. These are the elements that comprise the freight system of the Tampa Bay region which have long governed the area’s economic prosperity. The Strategic Freight Plan defines an integrated regional freight transportation system, identifies localized freight issues for short-term remediation, and prioritizes regional freight transportation improvements needed to sustain long term economic growth and address the impact of congestion on economic productivity in the region. 

District 7 Truck Parking Study – FDOT conducted a study of truck parking within the public rest areas located along Interstate 75 within District 7 in order to determine if and when overcapacity truck parking has occurred. In order to accomplish the task, the District needed to know the number of trucks entering and exiting the rest areas, which was then compared to the available parking. The Technical Memorandum includes methodology, count locations and data collection/assessment, as well as observations for FDOT to take into consideration.  

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