About the Study

Project Description

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has initiated a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study along I-95 from SW 10th Street to Hillsboro Boulevard. The purpose of the project is to eliminate various existing operational and safety deficiencies along I-95 between and including the interchanges at SW 10th Street and Hillsboro Boulevard, and also on SW 10th Street and Hillsboro Boulevard in the vicinity of I-95.

This project will provide two express lanes in each direction on I-95 mainline between SW 10th Street and Hillsboro Boulevard and will evaluate potential modifications to the existing merge and diverge ramp areas at the SW 10th Street and Hillsboro Boulevard interchanges. Alternatives will also be developed at SW 10th Street to provide direct connect ramps to the I-95 Express lanes consistent with the adjacent SW 10th Street PD&E Study and the I-95 Phase 3b project. Replacement of the existing SW 10th Street bridge over I-95, and the provision of a grade separation at SW 10th Street and South Military Trail; and at the existing at-grade CSX Railroad crossing at Hillsboro Boulevard located 1900 feet west of the existing interchange will also be considered.

SR9 Aerial Map

Project Title
SR 9 / I-95 PD&E Study


Start Date
June 2016

Study Estimated Completion Date
Spring 2020

Estimated Construction Cost

Lengths and Limits
From SW 10th Street to Hillsboro Boulevard


Design Project Manager
Robert E. Bostian, Jr. P.E.
Toll Free 866-336-8435, ext 4427
or email: robert.bostian@dot.state.fl.us