Mix-it-Up 2018–Pledges by Travel Mode

Take the challenge. Try something new.
Make an impact.

You could win prizes too!

The Mix-It-Up Challenge is your opportunity to explore riding a bus, a train, a bike, walking, ride sharing or teleworking. All Florida residents are invited to participate. Take the challenge to try a new transportation choice that makes a positive impact on our transportation system, by reducing the number of trips we make driving alone. Trying new choices and doing so in a safe manner benefits all of us.



Choose the mode of travel that best fits you, whether it is for commuting or other travel needs including recreation and shopping. You can mix the modes within the same trip or use different modes for different trips. Get some exercise by riding your bike to the bus stop or train station and use it to complete your trip once you get to the next station. Burn extra calories by biking or walking to the gym. Save money and make new friends carpooling or vanpooling with your coworkers. Click here to learn more about the Transportation Choices available in your area. Make Mobility Week your opportunity to try something new.

Prize Details
The members taking the pledge will be randomly selected for the grand prize and daily prizes. Winners will be announced before November 15, 2018. Winners will be notified directly via e-mail. Winners will have until November 30, 2018 to claim prize(s) once notified. If winners do not reply within the required timeframe, they forfeit all rights to prizes, and another winner will be selected.