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Beautification Grants for Fiscal Year 2021-2022


For the Fiscal Year 2021-2022, the Department has $1,200,000 in available funding. The grant application deadline is October 4, 2021 5:00 pm EST. Applicants may submit an unlimited number of grant applications, for any number of project sites. Each grant will be limited to a maximum of 10% of the total Department’s beautification grants annual budget ($100,000.00).

Refer to Consolidated Form 650-050-10, Part 1,  and type the form number (650-050) into the"number" box in the top left corner of the form; for a complete list of grant requirements. For a beautification grant application to be eligible, the application must be accompanied by a letter of authorization from the appropriate Department District verifying that the proposed landscape project will not be in conflict with the Department's five year work program or other Department program or activity. To request a letter of authorization, contact the appropriate Department District Landscape Architect on or before August 1 and provide precise location and written conceptual description of the proposed project.

Grants will be submitted online this year. Please contact your District Grant Coordinator at least a week prior to the grant submission deadline to gain access to the online website which accepts grant applications.

The consolidated forms ( 650-050-10A, 650-050-10B and 650-050-10C) can be found on the FDOT Forms & Procedures website, and type the form number (650-050) into the "number" box in the top left corner of the form. Please note matching funds are not required, but encouraged.

Please review form 650-050-10C, which will be the signed agreement if the grant is awarded. Applicants DO NOT need to submit form 650-050-10C when applying for a grant.

Applications for Beautification Grants must adhere to the requirements of Rule Chapter 14-40, Florida Administrative Code. The Department has provided two Microsoft Word examples of resolutions for grant applicants use: Example Resolution 1 and Example Resolution 2.

Examples of illustrative plan proposals are provided here:
Example 1     Example 2     Example 3