Professional Services

Engineering including Design, Architecture, Surveying & Mapping, Landscape Architecture, Planning, and Right of Way Services

(Prequalification for Engineering Consultants)

Consultant Qualification Report

Prequalification to bid road, bridge, or public transportation construction can be found at the Florida Department of Transportation Construction Office/Contracts Administration website. (i.e. Road, Bridge, or Public Transportation Construction, Emergency Debris Removal, Hot-In-Place Resurfacing, Landscaping, Maintenance)

Frequently requested, but not requiring prequalification:

Procurement Office | Commodities & Contractual Services

Includes, but is not limited to, Supplies, Materials, Goods, Merchandise, Equipment/IT Consulting Services, Management Consulting, Environmental Services, Temporary Staffing Services

Program Management Office | Product Evaluation

Traffic Maintenance Items - Barricades, Barriers, Cones, Sheeting