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Reports Related to Advertisements
  • Admin | Consultant Acquisition Plans
    District, Advertisement Number, Funding Source, BDI (Y/N), Description, Major Types of Work, Minor Types of Work, Underutilized Work Groups, Advertisement Date, Shortlist Date, Final Selection Date, Estimated Begin Date, Estimated Contract Amount, DOT Project Manager, Technical Review Committee Members, Contracts from the Advertisement

Reports Related to Consultant Selection

Reports Related to Contracts

Reports Related to DBE/Small Business

Reports Related to Grades

Reports Related to Miscellaneous

Reports Related to Professional Services
  • Consultant | Consultant Encumbrance Residual Balances Report
    Filter by district and Work Type and Consultant; fields are District, Contract Number, Total Awards (Contracts with encumbrance balances) and Encumbrance Balance
  • Consultant | Consultant Wage Rate Report
    Job Class Averages; filter by job class, district, time period, home/field rates; fields are job class, proposed unloaded rates, proposed partially burdened rates, negotiated unloaded rates, and unit
  • Consultant | Table 6 Loaded Rates Report
    Filter by rate name/item, district, and time period; fields are name item, proposed rates, negotiated rates, and unit

Reports Related to Prequalification

Reports Related to History of Contract Awards

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