Contract Type
Prequalification Information
1%Transaction Fee Required?
Professional Services

Engineering (including design), Architecture, Surveying & Mapping, Landscape Architecture, Planning, and Right of Way Services


Planned Projects and Current AdvertisementsProfessional Services PrequalificationNoProcurement Office
Commodities/ Contractual Services

Supplies, materials, goods, merchandise, equipment/IT consulting services, management consulting, environmental services, temporary staffing services


MyFlorida Market Place advertisementsNo prequalification requiredYesProcurement Office

Roadway Construction, Bridge Construction


Construction Letting and Project InformationContracts Administration PrequalificationNoContracts Administration Office

Right of way mowing, asset maintenance


Construction Letting and Project InformationNo prequalification requiredNoContracts Administration Office



Planned Projects and Current AdvertisementsProfessional Services  andContracts AdministrationNoConstruction Office  andContracts Administration
Product Evaluation

Traffic Maintenance items – barricades, barriers, cones, sheeting


NoneApproved Product List(APL)NoProgram Management (Specifications/
Estimates)  Office
Unsolicited Proposals for Lease of ROW

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