Staff Directory

Tim Lattner, P.E.Director, Office of Construction850-414-5258
Alicia CarrollAdministrative Assistant to Director, Office of Construction850-414-4152
Construction SupportDescriptionPhone
Patrick OvertonState Construction Engineer850-414-4273
David Wagner, P.E.State Construction Structures Engineer850-414-4141
VacantConstruction Structures Engineer
Zach WigintonPrequalification, Default, Delinquency, Termination, Unpaid Bills, and Contractor Past Performance Report850-414-4186
Olivia Townsend, P.E.
State Construction Specialty Engineer
American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Issues, Consultant Construction Engineering and Inspection (CCEI), Contract Disputes, Lighting, Electrical, Signing & Signalization (LESS), General Roadway Construction, Guardrail, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Maintenance of Traffic, Pavement Markings, Utilities
Juan Castellanos, P.E.State Construction Geotechnical Engineer
Geotechnical Issues, Earthwork, Structures Foundations
Jason RussellConstruction Environmental Compliance, Sediment & Erosion Control Plans, Drainage Installation, Warranty Tracking, Mast Arm Painting, Quality Assurance/Quality Control850-414-4010
Richard Hewitt, P.E.State Construction Pavement Engineer, Asphalt and Concrete Pavement386-943-5305
Larry RitchieAlternative Contracting, Contract Administration Support, Contract Modifications850-414-4168
Suzannah RayAlternative Contracting, Contract Administration Support, Contract Modifications850-414-4632
Latashi KitchenAlternative Contracting, Contract Administration Support, Contract Modifications850-414-4655
Final EstimatesDescriptionPhone
Ashley Anderson, P.E.
Construction Final Estimates Engineer850-414-4184
Taylor CarlquistFinal Estimates Specialist - Contract Administration and Close-Out850-414-4252
Amanda UlmerFinal Estimates Specialist - Asphalt850-414-4249
Laura PaskvanFinal Estimates Specialist - Concrete and Earthwork850-414-4280
Systems SupportDescriptionPhone
Quinton Tillman, P.E.State Construction Systems Engineer850-414-4144
Lynnette BoninConstruction Managment Specialist - Application Support850-414-4251
Marcus DuvalConstruction Systems Implementation Specialist -
Application Support, Forms Development, and EDMS
Susan RobesonState Construction Training Coordinator850-414-4492
Elizabeth LawlessState Construction Training Developer850-414-4276
Wage RateDescriptionPhone
Hugh KentWage Rate Issues, Liaison with U.S. D.O.L., Assistance with Contractor Claims/Burden Rates850-330-1643