Staff Directory

Tim Lattner, P.E.Director, Office of Construction850-414-5258
Alicia CarrollAdministrative Assistant to Director, Office of Construction850-414-4152
Construction SupportDescriptionPhone
Patrick Overton, P.E.State Construction Engineer850-414-4273
VACANTState Construction Structures Engineer850-414-4141
Zach WigintonPrequalification, Default, Delinquency, Termination, Unpaid Bills, and Contractor Past Performance Report850-414-4186
State Construction Specialty Engineer
American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Issues, Consultant Construction Engineering and Inspection (CCEI), Contract Disputes, Lighting, Electrical, Signing & Signalization (LESS), General Roadway Construction, Guardrail, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Maintenance of Traffic, Pavement Markings, Utilities

VACANTState Construction Geotechnical Engineer
Geotechnical Issues, Earthwork, Structures Foundations
Jason RussellConstruction Environmental Compliance, Sediment & Erosion Control Plans, Drainage Installation, Warranty Tracking, Mast Arm Painting, Quality Assurance/Quality Control850-414-4010
Richard Hewitt, P.E.State Construction Pavement Engineer, Asphalt and Concrete Pavement386-943-5305
Larry RitchieAlternative Contracting, Contract Administration Support, Contract Modifications850-414-4168
Suzannah RayAlternative Contracting, Contract Administration Support, Contract Modifications850-414-4632
Latashi KitchenAlternative Contracting, Contract Administration Support, Contract Modifications850-414-4655
Final EstimatesDescriptionPhone
Olivia Townsend, P.E.
Construction Final Estimates Engineer850-414-4303
Taylor CarlquistFinal Estimates Specialist - Contract Administration and Close-Out850-414-4252
Amanda UlmerFinal Estimates Specialist - Asphalt850-414-4249
Shannon HarrisFinal Estimates Specialist - Concrete and Earthwork850-414-4280
Systems SupportDescriptionPhone
Paul Hiers, P.E.State Construction Systems Engineer850-414-4144
VACANTConstruction Management Specialist - Application Support850-414-4251
VACANTConstruction Systems Implementation Specialist -
Application Support, Forms Development, and EDMS
Mike Johnson Technical Product Support Specialist850-414-4196 
Karen Veenstra Technical Product Support Specialist850-414-4751 
Susan RobesonState Construction Training Coordinator850-414-4492
Elizabeth LawlessState Construction Training Developer850-414-4276
Wage RateDescriptionPhone
Hugh KentWage Rate Issues, Liaison with U.S. D.O.L., Assistance with Contractor Claims/Burden Rates850-330-1643