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Central Office

Program Management
Stefanie D. Maxwell, P.E.Manager, Program Management Office(850) 414-4140
Cindy SchmetzerAdministrative Assistant(850) 414-4777
Rhonda Taylor, P.E.State Estimates Engineer(850) 414-4371
Estimating Systems Support
Cheri SylvesterEstimating Systems Support Manager(850) 414-4179
Ryan GrayBasis of Estimates (BOE) Coordinator(850) 414-4053
Abanoub SmanEstimates Systems Support(850) 414-4118
Gibu (Gibbs) GeevargheseEstimates Systems Support(863) 519-2226
James TurnerEstimates Systems Support(850) 414-4761
Jonathon WhiteEstimates Systems Support(850) 414-4164
Lee DarstEstimates Systems Support(850) 414-4079
Preliminary Estimates
June Mobley, P.E.State Preliminary Estimates Engineer(850) 414-4191
Cedric ThomasPreliminary Estimates Coordinator(850) 414-4057
Mir AnwerPreliminary Estimates Coordinator(850) 414-4312
Local Programs
Samantha SamfordState Local Programs Administrator(850) 414-4383
Jasmin RaffingtonLocal Programs Coordinator(850) 414-5266
Kathleen KhazraeeLocal Programs Coordinator(850) 414-4127
Product Evaluation
Karen ByramState Product Evaluation Administrator(850) 414-4353
Melissa HollisProduct Evaluator(850) 414-4182
Sarah SmithProduct Evaluator(850) 414-4776
Daniel Strickland, P.E.State Specifications Engineer(850) 414-4130
Darla HunsickerSpecifications Development Coordinator(850) 414-4114
VacantSpecifications Development Coordinator(850) 414-4155
Heaven BurnsedSpecifications Development Specialist(850) 414-4101
Jodi JarrellPlans Processing Specialist(850) 414-4121
Shawn LewisState Utility Administrator(850) 414-4366
Cynthia Snelling-PerryUtility Accommodation Specialist(850) 414-4335

District 1

Program Management
Melissa Slater, P.E.Program Management Engineer(863) 519-2327
Gena BatmanEstimates Manager(863) 519-2558
Meghan CroftEstimates Coordinator(863) 519-2367
Rebecca JohnsonEstimates Specialist(863) 519-2238
Casey SchleySpecifications Manager(863) 519-2594
Michelle BarkerSpecifications Coordinator(863) 519-2594
Michael DixonSpecifications Specialist(863) 519-2381
Plans, Specs and Estimates
Amy Setchell, P.E.Plans, Specs and Estimates Engineer(863) 519-2264

District 2

Program Management
Brandi Vittur, P.E.Program Management Engineer(386) 961-7468
Keith LandEstimates Manager(386) 961-7470
Eric HaderleEstimates Specialist(386) 961-7376
Tracy WittSpecifications Coordinator(386) 961-7553
Brandy BaxleySpecifications Specialist(386) 961-7551
Final Plans
Vince CampFinal Plans Administrator(386) 758-3732

District 3

Program Management
Carla HodgesProgram Management Administrator(850) 330-1213
Justin StricklandEstimates Manager(850) 330-1603
Clay BoutwellEstimates Coordinator(850) 330-1439
Adam BassEstimates Coordinator(850) 330-1745
Ryan KirklandEstimates Coordinator(850) 330-1647
Ricky Dodd, P.E.GEC Project Manager(850) 845-0294
James SmalleySpecifications Coordinator(850) 330-1445
Plans, Specs and Estimates
Heath RileyPlans, Specs and Estimates Manager(850) 330-1323

District 4

Program Management
Jessica RubioProgram Management Administrator(954) 777-4626
Maria BenavidesEstimates Manager(954) 777-4191
Mark KrawiecEstimates Coordinator(954) 777-4412
Ervin Sterling, P.E.Specifications Engineer(954) 777-4469
Kathy WhiteSpecifications Coordinator(954) 777-4298
Plans, Specs and Estimates
Yuanet Letzelter, P.E.District Plans, Specifications & Estimates Engineer(954) 777-4125
Gerald RobertPlans Reviews – QA Coordinator(954) 777-4329
Graham OliverPlans Processing Specialist(954) 777-2284
Maria IzquierdoPlans Processing Support(954) 777-4613

District 5

Program Management
Katherine AlexanderProgram Management Administrator(386) 943-5168
Beth CarlsonEstimates Manager(386) 943-5177
Brian WheelerEstimates Coordinator(386) 943-5453
Henry ReidEstimates Coordinator(386) 943-5225
Thomas MaultsbyEstimates Coordinator(386) 943-5152
Leandro BonillaEstimates Coordinator(386) 943-5627
Cindy WolcottSpecifications Coordinator(386) 943-5461
Toby WallSpecifications Coordinator(386) 943-5444
Plans, Specs and Estimates
Christine BacomoPlans, Specs and Estimates Engineer(386) 943-5187

District 6

Program Management
Antonette AdamsProgram Management Administrator(305) 470-5329
Maurilio ReyesEstimates Manager(305) 470-5186
Edwin ArinalEstimates Coordinator(305) 470-5273
Manuel RuizEstimates Specialist(305) 470-5113
Aloimy Curbelo, P.E.Specifications Engineer(305) 470-5324
Rolando CentenoSpecifications Coordinator(305) 640-7520
Elvira AstorgaPlans Processing Specialist(305) 470-5262
Plans, Specs and Estimates
Vivian Lemus, P.E.PS&E Engineer(305) 470-5376

District 7

Program Management
Kelli BradleyProgram Management Administrator(813) 975-6095
Manuel FloresEstimates Manager(813) 975-6279
Ingrid GalloEstimates Coordinator(813) 975-6162
Plans, Specs and Estimates
Demetrio Arencibia, P.E.Plans, Specs and Estimates Engineer(813) 975-6434
Specifications / Electronic Delivery
Madeline GlassmanGEC Specifications Coordinator(813) 975-6115
Kalee NoreikaSpecifications Coordinator(813) 975-6618
Kathrin VickersSpecifications Coordinator(813) 975-6277


Program Management
Stephanie Sharp, P.E.Program Management Administrator(407) 462-3387
Javier RodriquezEstimates Coordinator(407) 264-3004
Samuel DesirEstimates Coordinator(407) 264-3444
Specs and Estimates
Eddie RegisterSpecifications & Estimates Manager(407) 264-3087
Jose ZayasAssistant Specifications & Estimates Manager(407) 264-3299
Jordan RivardSpecifications & Estimates Coordinator(407) 264-3307
Digital Delivery
Takezo MurasakiProgram Services Manager(407) 264-3048