Doing Business with FDOT

Doing Business With FDOT

In accordance with Florida law, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) acquires services from private suppliers using several different procurement methods, depending on the type of the service or commodity required. Please review the Reference PowerPoints below to determine which FDOT office is appropriate for the type of work your company performs.

Reference for Doing Business with FDOT (PowerPoint Presentation)

Reference for Doing Business with FDOT Professional Services (PowerPoint Presentation)

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Commodities and Contractual Services

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Section 287.057, Florida Statutes, and Rule 60A, Florida Administrative Code, requires state agencies to acquire commodities and contractual services, in excess of Category Two ($35,000), by competitive sealed bids, request for proposals or by competitive negotiations, unless specifically exempted. These processes require a competitive selection based on either the lowest responsive bid (Invitation to Bid - ITB) or the most advantageous responsive proposal/price (Request for Proposals - RFP), or a "best value" determination (Invitation to Negotiate - ITN). Criteria for evaluation of bids, proposals, or replies will be set forth in the ITB, RFP or ITN package. In accordance with Rule 60A-1.031, Florida Administrative Code, all purchasing actions involving commodities and contractual services procured under Section 287.057 Florida Statutes are subject to a 1% MyFloridaMarketPlace Transaction Fee.

Types of commodities acquired may include; aggregates, barricades, computer hardware and software, electrical supplies, fencing, forms, gas, grass, hardware, heavy equipment, herbicides, janitorial supplies, laboratory equipment, maintenance supplies, nuclear gauges, office supplies and furniture, paint, reflective sheeting, roadway materials, safety products, survey instruments and supplies, tools, tolls equipment, uniforms, and vertical lift platform trucks.

Types of contractual services acquired may include: accounting, asbestos surveys & abatement, auditing, banking, building maintenance, communications, courier, environmental, equipment maintenance, hardware/software development & maintenance, janitorial, landscaping, legal, management, moving, pest control, public outreach, research, right of way appraisal, security, temporary help, training, video, and wildlife research. There is no pre-qualification required for proposing/bidding on these services, however, minimum qualifications may be specified in the bid or proposal package and will need to be demonstrated in the vendor response.

The Department utilizes the Department of Management Services (DMS) vendor list to notify vendors of advertised projects. The application to be included on this vendor list may be obtained on the DMS Vendor Registration web page.

Formal procurement of commodities and contractual services are advertised in the Vendor Bid System located on the web site under the Business & Industry category, then look for the Vendor Bid System section, then select the  Search Advertisements link.

A copy of our Commodities and Contractual Services Vendor Guide is also published on this web site for your convenience. This guide provides an overview of the requirements for doing business with the Florida Department of Transportation.


Professional Services

Section 287.055, F.S., the Consultants' Competitive Negotiation Act, requires procurement of professional services by competitive negotiation. The professional services procurement process may also be used for right-of-way services (337.107, F.S.) and planning services (337.1075, F.S.). Professional services procurement, as mandated by statute and Rule 14-75, Florida Administrative Code, involves a prequalification process, advertisement, and competitive selection of professional services consultants based on qualifications, followed by negotiations to establish a fair, competitive and reasonable fee for the desired services. The types of services statutorily designated as professional services are engineering; surveying and mapping; architecture; landscape architecture; planning; and right of way acquisition and management.

Announcements regarding projects requiring professional services may be viewed at the Professional Services Advertisements link of this web site. These announcements include Planned Consultant ProjectsCurrent Professional Services AdvertisementsProfessional Services Selection Results (Shortlisted, Final Selections), These announcements require prequalification with the Department. A number of types of work have been established for which professional consultants are frequently used. Consultants desiring to compete for contracts in these standard types of work for professional services are required to renew their prequalification annually. Information on prequalification is available at the Prequalification link on the Procurement home page. Prequalification is coordinated through the Procurement Office (850-414-4477).

Prequalified consultants may respond to currently advertised projects with a letter of response typically limited to two pages. At least three firms will be shortlisted for each advertised project and will provide either written technical proposals, oral presentations, interviews, or a combination thereof depending on the complexity of the project. The contract fee will then be negotiated with the top ranked firm. To view a listing of Prequalified Consultants, go to the Prequalified Consultants Listings  menu link. Professional services contracts procured in accordance with Section 287.055 Florida Statutes are not subject to the 1% MyFloridaMarketPlace transaction fee, pursuant to Rule 60A-1.032, Florida Administrative Code.



Design-Build combines into a single contract the design and construction for a project, all in accordance with standard Florida Department of Transportation criteria (if applicable), specifications (if applicable), and contract administration practices. These projects allow the contractor to participate in the design in an effort to reduce costs and expedite construction. Contractors and Consultants interested in these projects will find information on these procurements on the Design-Build web page. Design-Build contracting is authorized under Section 337.11, Florida Statutes. Procurements under Section 337.11 Florida Statutes are not subject to the 1% MyFloridaMarketPlace Transaction Fee, pursuant to Rule 60A-1.032, Florida Administrative Code.


Construction and Maintenance Services

The Department procures construction services such as roadway and bridge construction. These services are acquired in accordance with Section 337.11 Florida Statutes. Construction advertisement and qualification information can be found on the  Office of Contracts Administration Home Page. From the Contracts Administration homepage you can also access Construction letting and project information. These types of contracts are not handled by the Procurement Office. The Contracts Administration Office is responsible for advertising and awarding road and bridge construction projects. Procurements under Section 337.11 Florida Statutes are not subject to the 1% MyFloridaMarketPlace Transaction Fee, pursuant to Rule 60A-1.032, Florida Administrative Code.

Maintenance services are generally defined as services associated with the maintenance and operation of roadways, structures, and rest areas. Some examples include right-of-way mowing, and asset maintenance. Maintenance service procurements for the Department of Transportation are also authorized under Florida Statute 337.11. These types of contracts are not handled by the Procurement Office. Acquisition of these services is coordinated by the Office of Contracts Administration. Procurements under Section 337.11 Florida Statutes are not subject to the 1% MyFloridaMarketPlace Transaction Fee, pursuant to Rule 60A-1.032, Florida Administrative Code.

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