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Resilience embodies the ability to adapt to changing conditions and recover from disruptions.  Disruptions are events and conditions that are often characterized as shocks and stresses.  While weather and natural hazards such as hurricanes, wildfires, and sustained environmental changes such as sea level rise are often the most identified disruptions, other events such as cyber-attacks, and longer-term stresses such as economic downturns and pandemics also impact the transportation system.  These events and trends can result in unanticipated transportation system disruptions and increasing constraints on infrastructure, impeding access and reliable mobility. 

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) believes it is essential to plan and prepare Florida’s transportation system to adapt and recover from a wide array of disruptions and stressors.  As we plan for the future of our transportation system, FDOT is incorporating resiliency work into policy development, planning, and academic research to make our transportation system more resilient.  The Resilience Subject Brief provides a brief overview of planning for resiliency and how FDOT is advancing resiliency.  In addition, resiliency is a cross-cutting topic shaping the overarching goals and strategies in The Florida Transportation Plan, the state’s long-range plan guiding Florida’s transportation future.  For more information on resilience as it relates to the FTP update, visit the FTP Resilience page.



In April 2020, FDOT Secretary Thibault signed Policy 000-525-053, Resiliency of State Transportation Infrastructure, to consider resiliency and incorporate resiliency into the Department's business practices. 


Planning Documents

As mandated by Policy 000-525-053, resiliency must be implemented through the Department's long-range and modal plans, work program, and asset management plans.
Florida Transportation Plan
Transportation and Asset Management Plan



The LRTP Resiliency Quick Guide identifies opportunities to incorporate resilience in each step of the Metropolitan Planning Organization Long Range Transportation Plan process.    



State agencies and private, public and non-profit organizations are also incorporating resilience into their work.  FDOT continues to collaborate with various partners on alignment of resiliency strategies.  

Florida Department of Emergency Management 
Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
Florida Department of Environmental Protection 
Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection


Additional Resilience Information

Federal and State Laws and Regulations 

Florida MPO Peer Exchange

Florida Reports & Guidance 

National Initiatives and Reports

Research Projects 

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For more Information on FDOT's Resilience activities, contact Jennifer Carver, Statewide Community Planning Coordinator or Mary Jane Hayden, Pavement Design Engineer at