Resilience Peer Exchange

MPO Resilience Peer Exchange: August 2020

The Using the MPO Planning Process to Increase Transportation System Resilience Peer Exchange Series served as an opportunity for over 150 MPO staff from around the State of Florida, FDOT MPO liaison staff and other Florida and national organizations to discuss and learn about Florida specific and national resilience efforts.

The following were the objectives of the Peer Exchanges:
  • Share approaches for using the MPO planning process to increase natural hazard resilience, including a focus on health, equity, and economic development. 
  • Ensure all MPOs in the state share an understanding of approaches and best practices.
  • Create an opportunity for peer-to-peer collaboration and brainstorming on how they could work to integrate resilience into planning at their individual agencies.  

Resilience Peer Exchange Agenda

Meeting Summary Report

Presentations August 27, 2020
Presentations August 28, 2020

Resilience Resources and Examples