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The Pavement Condition Survey (PCS) Unit conducts annual surveys of the entire state highway system in support of the Department's Pavement Management program. The data collected (in terms of crack, ride, and rut measurements) is used to assess the condition and performance of the state’s roadway network as well as to predict future rehabilitation needs. These predictions are used in the preparation of the legislative resurfacing budget request, and subsequent distribution of funds to the Districts.  The Pavement Condition group has also taken on additional programs, including but not limited to, the federally mandated Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) and project level evaluations whereby PCS unit staff assess the ride quality of pavement surfaces for acceptance purposes.

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Data Quality Management Plan (DQMP) [PDF-842KB]

Handbook: Flexible Pavement Condition Survey [PDF-2.9 MB]

Handbook: Rigid Pavement Condition Survey [PDF-3.36MB]

History of Florida Pavement Condition Survey [PDF-908KB]

Pavement Condition Survey Ride Rankings [PDFs]

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