Pavement Material Systems

Pavement Condition Survey Ride Rankings


The Pavement Management Section was recently moved from the Roadway Design group to the Pavement Materials Systems group at the State Materials Office. These reports have moved from the Pavement Management unit to the Pavement Condition Survey unit. If you arrived here using a bookmark, please make sure it is updated.

Pavement Condition Survey Ride Rankings (for pavements constructed in the previous calendar year)
2004 [PDF-330KB]2005 [PDF-537 KB]
2006 [PDF-315 KB]2007 [PDF-366 KB]
2008 [PDF-70 KB]2009 [PDF-67 KB]
2010 [PDF-284 KB]2011 [PDF-241 KB]
2012 [PDF-56 KB]2013 [PDF-56 KB]
2014 [PDF-322 KB]2015 [PDF-79 KB]
2016 [PDF-107 KB]2017 [PDF-106 KB]
2018 [PDF-103 KB]2019 [PDF-84 KB]
2020 [PDF-95 KB]2021 [PDF-91 KB]
2022 [PDF-82 KB]2023 [PDF-96 KB]
2024 [PDF-82 KB]