Corrosion and Materials Durability



The Corrosion and Materials Durability Laboratories are fully equipped for conducting a wide variety of performance characterization tests on concrete, metals, plastics and manufactured products. Additionally, the sections are equipped to perform on-site testing and evaluation of concrete structures for the purpose of assessing the corrosion condition of structures and developing plans and specifications for repairs and corrosion protection.


Some of the activities of the Corrosion and Materials Durability Laboratories include:


  • Establish the performance and usage parameters for manufactured products such as metals; protective coatings (both metal and non-metal); cements and pozzolans for concrete; and concrete admixtures (including corrosion inhibitors).
  • Perform routine testing on manufactured products in support of the maintenance of the Approved Products List.
  • Conduct on-site corrosion assessment of steel reinforced concrete structures and provide technical recommendations for remedial action.
  • Develop corrosion protection systems for marine bridge structures and standardize the technology for the Department's consumption.
  • Provide the Districts and consultants with technical direction in the design and installation of corrosion protection.
  • Provide forensic investigation of materials used in construction.

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