How to request a Memorial Marker

The Florida Department of Transportation established the Memorial Marker Program to commemorate those who have died as a result of a vehicle related accident on the State Highway System. In an effort to increase public awareness of highway safety, it is the Department's policy to allow the placement of memorial markers within the state road right of way.

The markers consist of a round 15" diameter aluminum sign panel with white background and black letters mounted to a 5 ft. steel u-channel post. All markers are uniformly inscribed "Drive Safely, In Memory" followed by the deceased's name. They are manufactured at the FDOT sign fabrication facility and the Department absorbs all costs for the construction, installation and maintenance of the markers in order to offer them free to the public. They are allowed to remain on the right of way for one year and the Department reserves the right to have them removed due to construction or other maintenance needs.

The markers may not necessarily be placed at the exact location where the fatality occurred due to restricted space, safety concerns, property owner complaints or other constraints. The Department installs markers only on designated state roads and does not have the authority to place them on City or County roads. Memorial markers will not be erected where they are prohibited by the local governmental entity.

Requests for memorial markers may be made by immediate family members or friends, with requests from friends requiring the approval of the deceased's immediate family.

To request a Memorial Marker use the link below. Please call during normal business hours and ask for the Memorial Marker contact.

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