Small Business

To work on small business reserved contracts, every business must be certified submitting a notarized, or digitally signed affidavit to the Equal Opportunity Office prior to the contract execution date. This includes all sub-contractors and sub-consultants. To view future contracts click below:

Small Business Reserved Contracts

The purpose of this program is to increase competition, lower prices, and provide increased support to meet the department’s future work program. The program may include, but is not limited to, setting aside contracts, providing preference points for the use of small businesses, providing special assistance in bidding and contract completion, waiving bond requirements, and implementing other strategies that would increase competition. To assist small businesses in Florida in competing for transportation infrastructure construction projects, the department has established a voluntary program, the Construction Training & Qualification Program. Providers may offer training at reduced rates to the employees of small businesses recognized as such by the Department.  Please click below for more information:

CTQP Training