Reduced Cost CTQP Training for Small Businesses

In an effort to assist Small Business in Florida in competing for transportation infrastructure construction projects, the Florida Department of Transportation (Department) has established a voluntary program whereby CTQP Training Providers may offer CTQP Training at reduced rates to the employees of Small Businesses recognized as such by the Department.

To qualify for these rates the training must be paid for by the Trainee’s employer and that employer must be on the list of Small Businesses recognized by the Department.  The training cost reduction amount and the number of reduced rate seats available in any scheduled course session or exam are determined by the individual CTQP Training Providers participating in the program.

Please contact the participating Providers for details on the price and availability of reduced rate seats in any of that Providers scheduled course or exam sessions.  Note that reduced rate seats may not be available in all scheduled course or exam sessions.


List of Providers Offering Reduced Cost CTQP Training to Small Businesses

Professional Services Small Businesses

“To generate Professional Services Small Businesses report, select from the report generator the following selections:

  • Select a Type of Work – No Work Type Restrictions-Use ALL Work Types (default on report)
  • Audit Level – ALL Prequalified Consultants
  • DBE/Small Business – All Small Businesses

Then click the “Run Report” button. “


Non-Professional Services

“To generate Small Businesses by Activity or Specialty Area report, select from the report generator the following selections:

  • Activity or Specialty Area – Use ALL Areas of Certification
  • Florida Counties – Include ALL Counties in Florida
  • Select – ALL Small Businesses

Then click the “Run Report” button.”


Visit the FDOT Small Business Initiative Website to find out more about the Small Business Development Programs.